image stabilization and 3d stereopsis

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      Are you interested in shooting some 3D movies?

      It is my understanding that if you point two cameras in such a way that they share parallel lines of sight, you have already got half of the problem solved! The trick, here, is to keep the cameras from converging on the thing being recorded. The more you depart from the parallel, the more you will be moving to hypostereopsis, as opposed to hyperstereopsis. The ideal focus involves both cameras being kept “parallel” to each other: don’t angle in, and don’t angle out, because that causes problems with the illusion of three dimensional depth.

      Which brings me to the issue of keeping multiple sets of cameras “in parallel” with one another. (This becomes a serious issue if you are shooting with three or more cameras on a particular scene for a fuller 3d image.)

      Are there any digital cameras that have input ports allowing for an averaging effect on the image stabilization desirable for this sort of thing?

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