Image quality drops after importing into Elemnts

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      Hi everyone,

      I am a complete novice so I’m probably gonna sound like an idiot to a lot of you guys.

      I have been shooting on the new Canon HF S10 in standard mode. The footage is fine when I view it through the provided image software, but when I import it to premiere elements 7 the images are much lower in quality and really pixilated. I can’t fiugure out what the problem is.

      My PC runs Vista from a AMD 64 Athalon 2GH dual core cpu, with 2GB RAM. But I only have the on borad video card, could it be a hardware problem?

      Any help would be great. Thanks for your time.

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      Have you rendered the timeline yet? If there is a red line above the clips press the Enter key and let it render the timeline.

      What project setting did you use and what is the video format that you are importing?

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      ?Hi, really sorry for late reply, I’ve been swamped with work.

      The format is Mpeg but I have a converter so can change to several other formats if I need to. Yeah, there is a red line above my timeline, I tested another piece and the rendering seems to boost the quality back up, though its still not great. Though when I imported the raw footage into After Effects, then rendered it, the image was much higher quality. Not sure why.

      I think its a compression issue? So I’m gonna have to figure out?a combination of format and compression rates to get the best results.?I guess I’m just gonna have to be patient and learn the ins and outs of non linear editing.

      I’m working towards a Masters Degree in Film, so I have another year of practicing before I need to shoot my submission piece, hopefully I can figure it out by then.

      Thanks for the tip, really appreciated.

      PS Would upgrading to Premier Pro have an effect of the image quality do you think? As After Effect is pro level software and that had a massive diference on the quality of the footage.

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      With most editing software, Pro versions have more “whistles and bells” then the sub versions do. So premiere elements 7 is very much a subset of premiere pro. A lot of what you learn in 7 will transfer over to pro so a suggetion would be to work wih 7 until you have pretty much learned all you can then upgrade to pro.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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