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      Hey all. First post here and glad I found this site.

      First off, I have Adobe Premier Pro and am trying to figure out how to put an image in the bottom right hand corner (Like on TV) in the film. Does anyone know how to put a almost transparent logo like that in (Or what ever it is called)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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      Sorry, I haven’t used Adobe Premier Pro in about a year and a half (I use FCP).

      First thing you’ll need is the image on one of the upper time lines so that it sits on top of all the other clips in your timeline.

      There should be a setting in the the clip properties that adjusts the “Transparency” of the selected clip. You should need to add any additional effects to it to change this setting. Just adjust that until it is to the transparency you like.

      Hope this helps.

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      Thanks a lot Brandon. I am just learning Adobe Premier Pro. What software do you suggest for some great editing that is realitively easy to use.

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      i am sure that all NLE’s have some sort of learning curve. I use Sony Vegas 8 Pro. I found it to be really easy to learn and it doesn’t need a beefy computer to use it.


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