Imac G5 or Mac Mini core 2 for editing?

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      Please let me know which one is better for FCP , thanks.

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      What are you going to be editing? HD or SD? What version of FCP do you have? I’ve heard the new version is meant more for the intel macs and isn’t as fast on G4s and G5s. A Mac Mini will probably be fine if you are doing SD, maybe even HD if you are only editing and not doing any kind of compositing.

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      I will be editing for weddings and so forth. Thanks Rob

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      the mini.

      I do use a g5 and it is slow, and won’t import hd off a hdbased cmcorder.

      I use macbooks and either imovie or FCE to import and select clips for a rough edit, on external firewire drives, then plug the drives into my g5 (for the larger display, which is calibrated) set up and do the final assembly of my video, click render and leave it running over night. in the am I send the project to idvd.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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