I’m new to video production…… tips and knowledge from you please

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      I’m soon to start a video prodcution course for beginners, i recently went to the induction, where i found others have previous editing experience from working in graphic design and another worked on lighting, but was some 20 years ago. Where has i’ve always been interested in video and film, but i’ve got no experience at all in this. So even though i want to do well in this course, which is a 5 week course, where we are going to make a documentary……. i’m worried i may be abit behind, with the others who have a little experience and another guy studied film at UNI. So im guessing these guys will adapt quite quickly to this and that i’d struggle. So what tips and that will help me in this course.

      cheers guys

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      The course is for beginners. It is to teach those that have had no, or very little, experience. So a tip is to not let your pride get in the way of your learning. Ask questions. Request examples. I think you will find that those having it easier in the class will be willing to help you understand. Ask them for help as well.

      If you want to get some additional knowledge, tour this website. The Videotabhas a section called”Trips and Tricks”. Thissection has a lot to offer in actual demonstrations of techniques. Go through the Learn tab. Read the articles on the topics you have questions about.

      Have a question about something specific? Post a keyword(s) in the “Search Videomaker.com” and see what comes up. A huge part of this magazine is in teaching. Use it as a resource.

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