I'm new here

Anonymous (not verified)

Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, so I just thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm a videographer in Las Vegas, I'm 23, and I own a video marketing business. I've been making dumb videos since I could hold a video camera, and still love it (my videos are a little less dumb now).

I recently started a blog focused on helping videographers start a video business, and decided to check out the forums and see what videographers are talking about. I chose Videomaker because I've been reading the magazine since I was 15.

I don't consider myself a video expert by any means, but I do know a bit about marketing, and have done a pretty good job at getting started on my own. So, while I can't offer much advice on what equipment to buy, I would love to help anyone who's looking to market themselves and get more work =)

I'm excited to get to know the members, learn from you guys, and I hope you'll except me as one of your own =P

Also, I'm sorry for my 10 posts in the Making Profit section, lol, I started looking around and couldn't help but offer my opinion.... I suppose that's what forums are for though.

Thanks for reading my introduction, and I look forward to talking more with all of you =)