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      Help…. please….

      I am just an amateur video-er and i have video’d a friends wedding. I used 4 mini-dv cameras. and I would normally just cut the different angles together using the sound from just one camera. This is quite a fiddly operation, matching it all up for every cut.

      I was just wondering if there is some software where you can lay all four video sources on top of each other and then just switch between the various angles?

      Hope this makes sense….

      And thank you for any words of advice


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      Premiere Pro can do the trick for you. What you want is multi-cam editing. I believe Videomaker did an article on that, let me see…


      Hope that helps.

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      Thanks loads for the reply.

      As I mentioned I’m just an amateur and unfortunately don’t have 100’s of dollars / pounds to be spending on such software.

      Do you know of anything cheaper that has the multicam functionality please?

      Many thanks

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      I am very doubtful that any cheap program can do what you are asking. Multicam editing is very high end stuff.

      Ebay is always an option. I got a licensed version of After Effects for $25, so you can get legit software on there for little cost.

      Check around other sites to see what their programs can do.


      is probably you’re best bet for wanting a cheap program that does somewhat of a professional job. But look around and see what programs can do that.

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      quicktime pro is cheap.
      I’ve never tried 4 but it can do two.

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      vegas studio can do it for you, $99. 4 video tracks, piece of cake.

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      Check out InifitiCam from VASST (http://www.vasst2.com/product.aspx?id=af2fc38a-a4f9-49e7-bdb2-88b4c435cca4). This works with Sony Vegas and lets you use any number of cameras and just switch between them like a video control room. They have tutorials which help.

      Also, from Ed Troxel, there is Excalibur (http://www.jetdv.com/excalibur/multicam.php) which also has a multicam control (also for Sony’s Vegas).

      To spice things upa bit, look at Digital Juice – They have a couple of editor’s toolkits just for weddings – http://www.digitaljuice.com/products/products.asp?pid=39 and http://www.digitaljuice.com/products/products.asp?pid=154.


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