I’m just curious. What encoding settings are you guys using?

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      This question is pretty much for all wedding videographers out there, but anyone else can jump in if you want to as well.

      This is really a two part question because both questions actually tie into each other.

      How much video in length (total time) do you your try and put on a disk before you take it to another disk <AND> what settings are you guys using when it comes to encoding your final projects to DVD disk? You know like if you use VBR what is your target, high and low mbps settings or if you’re using CBR, what do you set the mbps at? How many passes do you use? Maybe include the encoder you’re using too.

      I’m curious more than anything else.

      I recently saw a wedding video from a friend of my wife’s at her work (done by someone else) and while I thought the camera work, editing and content was very well done, they seemed to have crammed it all on 1 DVD. This video had a lot of artifacting going on if you looked closely. I’m sure the couple didn’t notice it but I did only because this is an issue you have to contend with when doing this sort of thing.


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      Shame on me! :-//

      I have about 2 years worth of VM’s on my bookshelf in my edit bay. I’ll have to dig that one out. My problem is that I read so much much that I have a tendency to forget where I read these various articles.

      At any rate, I see that you encode at the same bitrate I do.


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