I’m in the Top 10 in Animation on Famecast–Need Support

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      Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been around to post much on these boards. I wish I could do it more often because I love animation. I hope this is the appropriate area to post a topic like this. Here’s what I want to say–Right now I’m currently in the Top 10 in the Animation Category on Famecast.com. Usually I have been doing really well on the website, but because we only have one week this round to get votes, I’m falling far behind. Usually I end each round in the Top 5, but I’m afraid this time I might not make it. All I’m asking is that you please, take about 7 minutes of your time to check out my 2 minute animated film and register as a fan on the website and vote for me if you like my film enough. As you all know, as animators, this is the opportunity of a lifetime and I don’t want to have it pass by because I didn’t try hard enough. I’m begging you, not as a spammer, but a fellow fan of animation and films–please give me a chance. You have from now to Friday at 12 PM EST to vote. All the information is below.

      To Sign up for free as a fan and vote, click the URL below:
      (Or just type in famecast.com and click the words Log-IN at the top of the screen)

      After you sign up, click on Stages and Stage 11: Animation to find a picture from Anthony Thurmans film Not Until You Dance. Click on the image above his name. A box will pop open that will play his film. Below that, you will see a button that says, Vote for this Artist. Just click on that button to cast your vote. If you have trouble finding the page, you can also go to the direct link below:

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      Don’t worry, buddy, I voted for ya. Let’s hope other people do too.

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      Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I’m glad you didn’t get mad and gave me a chance! Thanks again!

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