Im in a similar situation as other posts…sony vs. canon

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      I, too, am in a similar situation as so many of you out there. I am a budding videographer, and will need a camera to film concerts, performances, sporting events, short films, eventually music vids. I currently have my eye on the GL-2…and that fat $250 rebate is looking sweet. I also though had been looking at the dsr-pd170…which, from what I understand, is basically the same as the dcr-vx2100 except that it comes with a wide angle lens, xlr connecters and shot gun microphone. I would eventually purchase these components for the GL-2 if i got it.

      So, if you could, let me know which one you would recommend. As of
      now, I am really leaning toward the gl-2 unless there is some reason
      why the sony would be substantially better–(besides low light shooting). Also, how much bigger is the Sony vs. the Canon? Bigger is not really better in my position…


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      I’ve had a GL2 since December 2004 and I love it. I’ve done things from talent shows to weddings, and the low light performance is excellent. The reason I chose it over the Sony was because of the L-series Flourite lens. It delivers a sharp, saturated image that looks amazing. When I looked at the Sony (VX-2100), it just looked flat. Even though the GL2 costs more (I think), with the $250 rebate, it’s worth it!

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