I’m having a problem…maybe you someone can help?

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      Hello. First off, I’d like to say this is a great site and I’ll probably be referring to it in the future. It has a lot of useful advice and I think it’s very user-friendly here.

      Alas, I’m having a problem. About last year or so, I got a Canon ZR 200 camcorder. Nothing too fancy, but it suits my needs. Anyway, I used to record videos and then connect the camera to the computer with a firewire 1394 port in the front of my HP a1110n computer, and everything would work great. Then, I took a break from making videos, and then during the summer of this year, a problem happened when…er….my dog ‘marked his territory’ all over my computer and fried my motherboard. 😑 I brought it to a shop and they gave me a completely new motherboard, a ‘Biostar’ I think it is.

      Well a few weeks ago, I figured I’d try and make new videos. I recorded some footage and everything came out great. I connect it to the computer to edit it…and…it doesn’t register it for whatever reason. It’s connected and everything as it was before, but for some reason my computer just doesn’t seem to get that the camera is connected and everything.

      I’ve tried everything. Research, reading, discs that came with the motherboard, and hell I’m ready to call up that shop again. I just don’t want to waste anymore money. So before heading to that last resort, I googled a few sites and this one came up. And…well…here I am. So, if you have anything at all that can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!

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      compusolver Wrote:

      Run your video capture program (probably your NLE), then turn on your camera in VCR mode. Now connect your firewire cable. Did a window pop up? (give it half a minute or so) Did you hear a beep?

      If your answers to the above questions are "no", then your firewire is not working. Assuming that your dog didn’t chew on the cable after relieving himself, then you have two places to look at..

      Is your firewire on a card or on the motherboard. There may be a jumper setting (perhaps to set 3.0, etc.) that needs changing. Read your motherboard manual. Does it what version of IEEE firewire does it support? Are the jumpers appropriately set? (You may want to have your shop check this, if you’re not comfortable with it. They should not charge you since they failed to ensure it was set up properly.)

      I hope Fido is comfortable in his new surroundings.


      I just now thought of something. If the shop changed motherboard models, and if you did not have to reinstall all your software, then they pulled a registry hack to get Windows (assuming you’re running Windoze) to accept the new board. This hack does not always get things right – especially drivers, etc. You may have to reinstall your OS and all software. Be sure and back up all important files first.

      Alright then. I’ll check it out tonight. Thank you for the assistance! You have my gratitude.

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