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      Well, I didn’t want to do this so soon (and I think it’s still too soon for the market), but a lot of my local competitors have started going High Def, and so I’m starting to consider selling most of my current cameras.

      I’d probably prefer to sell them in a package, perfect for someone who wants to start a Videography service, or add to their fleet of gear.

      I have four camcorders that I would sell. Two of them are Canon GL-2’s. One is less than a year old, and the other is almost two, but the head was restored to Canon factory specs when I got my new GL-2. Both cameras are in excellent condition with the very minor exception that the firewire port doesn’t work on one, but this is a minor fix I could make if need be.

      The third camera is a Canon GL-1. Essentially, it’s the exact same camera as the GL-2’s, but it doesn’t have the audio control monitors on it. Again, in like-new condition. And finally, I have my trusty backup, a little 1CCD Sony Handycam. It’s in near-perfect condition, as it was only a backup if I ever needed to service one of the other three, or if I wanted an extra camera on-site for some reason. I’ve probably recorded a total of 8 hours on that camera, max.

      All three GL-series cameras still have all the original packaging and documentation, and come with all the original accessories (Chargers, batteries, manuals, remotes, straps, etc…) The Sony box vanished on me, but it comes with the regular battery and a high capacity battery, the charger, and I’ve even got a few blank tapes for it. So to sum it up, the cameras include:

      -Two Canon GL-2’s
      -One Canon GL-1
      -One Sony Handycam
      -Three standard Canon Camcorder batteries
      -One standard Sony battery
      -One high capacity Sony Battery
      -Lens hoods and covers for all three Canons
      -Manuals for all three Canons
      -Straps for all cameras
      -Three Canon remote controls
      -Tapes for the Sony

      On top of that, I’ve got a lot of stuff I would throw in for good measure:

      -Three high capacity BP-930 batteries
      -Three UV filters (Two on the GL-2’s and one on the Sony)
      -MA-300 XLR microphone input adapter for the GL-2
      -Two cheap generic tripods (I paid about $80 each for them. Nothing fancy, but good for mounting a camera on that doesn’t need to pan/tilt a lot.)
      -Two wide angle lens adapters (One canon Wide Angle adapter for any of the GL’s, and a Wide angle for the Sony.)
      -Three camera bags in total, big enough for all three GL’s, and possibly the Sony if you didn’t pack any extra accessories in it.
      -"On-camera" canon shotgun microphone
      -Camera light (runs off Canon Batteries)

      The grand total I spent on all of this was somewhere around $10,000, but if anyone wants to buy the whole bundle, I’d sell it all for around $7500 or so. (or better offer, if one is made.)

      If anyone is interested, head over to my website (listed in my signature) and send me a message.

      Thanks guys.

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