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      hey people of videomaker it freshman year i fell in love with tv proudution but now everyones riding me saying i need a eductation and all that but all i want to do is announce my grades are dropping but my love for tv pro grows what the heck do i do what do i focus on someone please help me

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      I’m not sure exactly what you mean, butit soundslike your a TV production student who’s grades are dropping but still likes TV production. Is that right?

      If it is right, then don’t let your grades drop!! I practically lived in the classrooms and especially the computer labs when i was in college, especially during my last semester. I graduated with all A’s and now have three jobs, two involving what i studied: Video and Audio. My parents still don’t think I’ll succeed, but I now know a whole lot more about how to help my mom if her photos are coming out blurry from across the room and my employers are very pleased with my knowledge and expertise. “Living” in the classrooms pays off.

      If i missed something and you are not currently studying TV Production,I’d changeover because you will learn something quicker, easier and better if you really like it.

      This is my opinion. Think about it before following it.

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      >hey people of videomaker i t freshman year i fell in love with tv proudution but now everyones riding me saying i need a eductation and all that but all i want to do is announce my grades are dropping but my love for tv pro grows what the heck do i do what do i focus on someone please help me

      Did you diliberately leave out the punctuation…lol.

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      what i mean is im a sophmore at winter springs high school who is in love with tv prodution but have severly fallent grades my last progress report was tv pro A english D math C intensive math B history F and science F so what do i do please i want to do this forever but i need better grades

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      You really, REALLY need to hammer down on the worst grades in (I’d say most specifically English/spelling/grammar) science and math. History? I don’t know, but still a higher grade point average is VERY important to you if you are going to pursue ANY kind of career. And, even though you MIGHT get in on a ground-floor level somewhere in your “field of dreams – television production” even there you will need to communicate, write well, understand and be able to deal with mathematics to some degree or another.

      If you are strongly focused on accomplishing your dream(s) you will need to do whatever it takes, and right now it appears that you should set aside most of your other activities and, as Chris mentions, LIVE in the classroom, study hard, play little and secure your foundation so you can pursue your goal.

      Perfection is a goal, not a destination, but you MUST at least attempt to move in a more positive direction grade-wise from high school. There’s not really an easy ride unless you are, like another poster said in another similar thread, gifted.

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      Hey..look..what a coincedence..we are (almost) in the same boat =D

      i am a 8th Grader who fell in love with tv/video productions since the first time i saw it. Since my grades are not dropping (to be specififc, all my grades in my last 4 report cards were As =D), i think i can give you some good advises.. .

      First, do not let your heart mix with your brain. They are completly different, so, if they are, in any moment crossing with each other, i suggest that you take a day to think about what is really important in your life. This means that if your love for video production is somehow affecting your grades, stop and think of your priorities.

      Second,If you have a test day or test period coming, STOP DOING/PRODUCING VIDEOS! trust me, that helps a lot. I spend around 3 to 4 hours workind with videos. If you use this time to study or sleep, trust me, your grades are going to be nearer to the begining of the alphabet rather than the end of it.

      Third, from now on, don’t cheat (cof, cof..bigbt883, I think thatboth of us know what i am talking about…Old people, please don’t judge us on this one..LOL..i am kidding with the old people part..i know that you guys are very mature grown-ups..Seriously, please dont get mad at me =D) When i stopped doing it, three things happend to me: 1) My grades went to As, 2) I stopped getting in so much trouble, 3) I was invited to be part of the National Junior Honor Society thing of my school =D

      Fourth, Get a really good book to read (i recommend “A Rebel Without Crew” by Robert Rodriguez or Twilight Series)… As you are not made up of rock, you need to relax, too.

      Fifth, Try to cause some good first impressions to people. Trust me, IT REALLY WORKS. believe or not, teachers often cutted some slack for me just becouse they had a good first impression of me. (This works for schools as also for business)..

      Well Bigbt883, I hope that with the advises i just gave you, you will do the right choices.

      Best Wishes from A Brazilian Tennager lost in the middle of Texas (Houston, Actually)..

      Caio =D

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      Shippocaio has it right. Very good advice! I got into video when i was a senior in High school and so I know what it’s like but do what Shippocaio says and you’ll be ok.

      And yes, bigbt883, high school matters and you can study tv full time when you get done with it. I had the same problem but put up with calculus, english reports, etc and am glad I did.

      Good luck on your future tv career, bigbt883!


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      If that post by shippicaio was really written by an eighth grader, I’m impressed. Aside from a few spelling and
      punctuation errors πŸ™‚ your post was very cohesive and the advice was great. I started working with video when
      I was in high school. I am now 19 and a senior in college majoring in Communications. I can vouch for shippicaio‘s
      advice. Make your grades your priority. If you get good grades in highschool, you can get good grades in
      college. If you can get good grades in college, then you can finish your degree and do video production for the
      rest of your life if you want. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you need to do all the video you can now.
      Your grades are more important…now.

      One idea: you could try to set up a system where you limit yourself in the amount of time you spend on video
      production. You have to learn self-control. Study hard, and keep video production out of your mind until your
      grades come up. Then, when your grades come up, reward yourself and do some video. If you develop
      self-control, you will not only raise your grades now, but you will remain successful all the way through college.

      Hope this helps.


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      Wow… thank you Film814..I feel honored. =D

      Yes, i am an eight grader, and the spelling/ponctuation errors would be cuz i am brazilian and i am living here for only 1 1/2 years. Lol..

      Bigbt883, you know that i thought a lot about you today at school? Specially in my ELA class. Let me tell you what happend…

      Today i woke up at 5:30 AM. I followed my usual routine: Have a shower, put my clothes on, have my “Delicios” (I am being ironic here) Breakfest, brushed my teeth, put some perfume on, and walked to school. But this morning was REALLY cold, around 20 to 30 degrees. It was raining ice. While i was in my freezing walk, i remembered you. I got a mixed feeling of worry with sadness, you know? So, the whole time i was walking, i thought of what made my life so “Perfect”. To be honest, nothing very helpful came in my mind, but i kep thinking of a better advice to give you.

      Suddenly, without control over my body or my legs, i went to my ELA class.There, we watched the morning annoucements (wich got way better since i came here, becouse i did a “FCTV Renovation” [That was what i called it]. So now, instead of a lame annoucements, there is a interesting annoucemets, full of after effects effects and Motion effects [YES! i made my broadicasting and TV Teacher buy after effects and Motion for our school..but i am the only one who knows how to use them..LOL]). Annoucements are finished, and my teacher tell us to write a story about ANYTHING. “Ok…anything..let me see..I KNOW! i am going to write about how my dog died” – i thought. My friends and me were surprised when tears started to fall from my wet eyes. (Ok..this is taking too long… i am going to forward a little bit ) When the class was finished doing the essays, my teacher wanted to read mine aloud, as always. While she was reading, she STARTED TO CRY TOO!Ok, now, i was really surprised with myself. She literally runned to the restroom.

      For my fate to be complete, the police officer was nearby by, and she heard my teacher cry. With a “i-know-you-did-something-wrong” look and tone, she asked us how had made the teacher cry. Everybody was so scared that the whole class pointed to me at the same time. Now, with a “you-are-dead” tone/look, she told me to go to the pricipal’s office with her.

      When we got there, the principal started to question me, asking me if i had hit the teacher and stuff.”OF COURSE NOT!” i told her. Then, my teacher entered the room, and explained everything to the pricipal. The principal was a bit confused, so the teacher gave my essay to her and she started to read it. After some minutes, MY PRICIPAL STARTED TO CRY TOO! i was really impressed with myself! I never made someone cry with an essay before!

      So, the day went by, and in a blink of eyes the school was over, and something wonderful was happening…IT WAS SNOWING! What are the odds of that? Snow in the middle of Texas? But anyway, i walked home thinking about what had happend today and about bigbt883, and in the middle of a “Stop 4 way” crossing and froze, becouse i finally had realized what advice i would give to you:

      “Put you heart and your feelings in EVERYTHING you do, becouse if you do so, you are doing your best, and better than that, you can’t do.”

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      PS.: I just reread my story..i know..there are A LOT of errors, but i am in a starbucks right now and my laptop is running out of battery, so i needed to type really quick..No time to check again…

      So yeah, i totally understand any comments on gramatic and/or punctuation. =D

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      another qustion guys if you cut from a side shot to a up front close up hows that not a 180 rule error when if you have two people one right one left then cut to a over the shoulder shot how is the breaking the rule

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      Learn “the rules” then you have clearence from the OLD GUYS to break them when the story requires πŸ™‚

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      thank you guys especialy you shippocio i was wondering if we could keep in touch and share video secrets i have tons of qustions

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      LOL! Of Course we can. I am sending you my email by PM. =D

      It is going to be pretty cool, cuz i am also in the learning path, and besides, i can help you with school too. lol

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      Hey Bigbt883,

      Thanks for giving us a little more information…it helps very much…Ialmost gave you old people advice….Phew!

      It seems like you got the advice you needed and made a pretty solid friend with Shippocaio.

      Keep us updated and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I wish you guys the best of luck! : )

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      hey guys sorry but i ned some help again i have a panasnonic SDR-s10 but im trying to find editors compatable with it any advice

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      The SDR-S10records im Mpeg2 format…Ideally this should be conveted to a DV AVI format to work better inside an NLE (non linear editor)

      I have heard that Vegasis a good program to editmpeg2, but i do not use that program.

      Vegas anyone?

      BTW, do you already have an editing program…if so, which one?

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      yeah theres one but it sucks i cant put music i cant found out how to get it in the effects are corny its called motion studio sp or somthing have any other good editors

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