If Premiere Pro and Final Cut could talk…what would they say?

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      As some of you know, I use both Premiere and Final cut. I just took some pain medication and the assistant editor Toby and I starting talking about what FCP and Premiere would say if they could talk….

      Here’s what we came up with….

      Premiere pro would say:

      Hey there little buddy, so I hear you like to make your own little moving pictures….that’s really cool.My name is PP-CS4 distant relative of C3P0 and R2D2, I’m your friend…I love you. Here is a free 30 day fully functional trialversion just for you. What’s that? you don’t have a mac? that’s ok you can install me on any computer you want and you don’t even have to worry about the minimum requirements that pop up….I’ll still work no matter what crappy computer you put me on…..I love you and I want you to suceed and stive for your dreams….and don’t worry about that FCP guy, he thinks that he’s just better than me, but he’s just a meanie with ego issues…..There are no limits little buddy, spread your scissors and cut!

      FCP would say:

      Hey you!…you little wannabe moviemaker. I’m the biggest baddestNL in town andthough the smell of that new intel mac makes me wanna vomit, I’ll never be defiled by that cheap alley trash windows crap! I’m the best…I’m expensive and classy because I’m silver and come in a cool black and white box with a dash of some cool colors.Super editors around the world install me on super mega ass rocketmachines and makes me look even better than I actually am….So NO,you little wannabe…you can’t have me unless you fork over some cold hard cash and prove your worthiness. And don’t ask me for a free trial! I would never whore myself around with you peasant students like that premire fella and his stupid purple box! Ugh! Premiere PRO? sheesh….give me a break!I wish I could kick him outta the house, but apparently his big brother After Effects can kick my ass anyday!

      Just though I’d share that…

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      haha, if they could talk I don’t think FCP would say, “you little wannabe moviemaker.” Adobe used to make FCP for Apple, which is why they are so similar. If anything, PP-CS4 would be calling FCP the wannabe. You’ve got to admit though, the metal casing of the Mac Pro is cool looking.

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      >>>”You’ve got to admit though, the metal casing of the Mac Pro is cool looking.”

      for sure!

      and btw…I was actually saying that FCP would call a newbie a wannabe….I was just saying that because Mac/Final cut are so expensive and it’s overall professional reputation can be a little intimidating to the newcommer….but I see what you’re saying.

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      neither of them holds anything on Imove 🙂

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      “Buy me!”

      “No! BUY ME!”

      “No, no, no, no…ME!

      “Uh uh, ME, ME, ME!

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      No, I didn’t know about that…that’s huge!

      So this basically means that this is the start of an era of total compatibility….Thanks again Adobe!

      Lately, I’ve been too involved with AE CS4 and haven’t tried out the new Premiere yet….I gotta an old FCP project that I would love to bring into premiere….I also have a premiere project that will be passed on to another personthat prefers final Cut….this should work out great. I’ll test it out when I’m done checking out the export to an XFL flash projectfrom AE….*fingers crossed*

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      >>Adobe used to make FCP for Apple<<

      No, I don’t think they did. I believe that the person who developed Premiere also developed the program that Final Cut pro is derived from. But I believe he was working for Macromedia at the time he developed the program that would eventually grow up to become Final Cut pro.

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      eh, i don’t know the exact details to be honest. I just remember a teacher a while back telling me adobe made FCP for apple. I’m sure there’s some kind of connection….whatever it may be.

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      I do have to applaud Premiere. I’ve used it off an on since v4.2 and it has really hung in there. I’m a big on Avid and I do believe if it got into the conversation with Premiere and FCP 90% of it would be censored! I’ve always kept a copy of Prem on hand for really quick edits and now that we’ve been working with CS3, the combination with AFX and all the other graphic software is tough to beat. I doubt we’ll pick up CS4 (we just got CS3 in June) as I refuse to get on the ‘Adobe Upgrade Merry-go-round’. By the time all the books come out for CS4, CS5 will be shipping.

      I just took a moment and checked on prices for FC Studio and it averages around $1,300 for the software. Production Premium lists for $1,500 but can be found for $1300 on B&H and Pro Max. For a mac user that doesn’t seem like too expensive a software purchase. I quess where the initial expense comes is the purchase of the hardware. Now, I don’t currentlyuse FCP since they won’t make it cross-platform but I have used it and found it very similar to Premiere. When it came to creating mographics and visualfinishing I always turn to adobe. How does apple’s motion, shake and other software compare to Adobe’s?

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