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      Hi guys,

      I’m 17 years old and really looking at getting into videography and I’m planning on buying an HMC40, as it is a really good beginner camera. Now, this is a really nice camera and I don’t want to use it like 3 times and then have it sitting on my shelf. I want to actually use it. My parents said that they would pay for some of it but I have to convince them that I’ll use it.

      My idea is to start up a small business, doing small projects. I can’t do weddings or big events because I will only have 1 camera. Now, I don’t know what i can shoot. So my question is, how can I justify buying a $2000 camera and also try to make some money using it.

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      Find something you like and doa documentary about it.

      Sell it on through CreateSpace.

      Just a thought. It’s not quite THAT simple, but it’sa start.

      Another thought is that you might buy a cheaper camera and spend the rest of the money on a computer that will edit the video. Shooting it is only half the presentation.

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      Hello, if you will take the time to wade through my ongoing video marketing and ideas blog E.C. Come, E.C. Go I believe you will find a host of possibilities beyond wedding production with which you could begin to earn money producing video.

      There are more than 75 articles written over the seven-year life of the blog, many/most of them still contemporary enough, and in some cases simple enough, to establish as a base for your business model.

      It is possible that you’ll find a potential production concept there you might even share with your folks to see if they could “lock and load” on the potential and offer you strategic, if not full financial support.

      Anything you find of interest there, feel free to PM me here, or e-mail me and I will offer whatever advice, suggestions or support I can.


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      @ pseudosafari, Thanks for the idea. I’ll look into that. The computer is not an issue though. I already have a computer that will handle video editing fine.

      @EarlC, Thanks alot, i’ll check your site out. It seems like an amazing resource.

      If I can’t get the money, i’ll probably settle with the Panasonic TM300. Not as good as the HMC40, but it can hold me over for a couple of years until I can buy an HMC40(or any newer replacement model that comes out). Hopefully I wont have to go this route, I just really have my heart set on the HMC40

      Thanks again guys

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      First of all congrats for getting started!

      Some equipment advise… make sure you save up enough money for lighting an audio equipment… it doesn’t have to be nice, but you don’t want to use the built-in microphone for professional videos. With online video, audio is typically more important than video quality, as weird as that sounds.

      As far as getting started… focus on what you enjoy. And don’t think that you can’t do big events. I have 3 cameras. but typically when I do big events, I only use one… it’s all based on what the client needs.

      I have a blog about how to start a video business (you can check it out in my sig) and the thing I recommend to starting videographers is craigslist.

      I hope this helped =)

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