I want to find a job in film industry

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      I am amateur art film maker. Is there any chance I find a job in some production company. I was cameraman, Editor, actor, director, dramatist and much more. And it is a very hard to make some film (short metres) by doing all the things all alone.

      So my dear friends and colleagues is there any future for us…

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      Sure, it’s possible to find a job at a production company. It’s hard though. All depends on what kind of videos that company makes, what kind of video samples you show them, you’re resume/experience, and who you know.

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      Thanks for answer,

      Yes its hard, I try several times. You get experience in that way. Make full length movies.

      I start my site http://www.owlcrew.com about film and art

      Do you know maybe some site, in which you have really good chance to find yourself a nice job. By the fact I am graduate economist. So, now, I need to make a choice, between real life and magic one..

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      I suggest making about 50 packagesconsistingof a demo reel and samples of work on DVD and a resume. Then send all the packages out to production companies around your area.


      Get into freelance and start meeting people. Make connections..that’s what it’s all about.

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      I’m making my own movies, that’s a great demo reel right there! I too know every job in movies and can’t get a paying job for beans. The closest I am right now, is doing the sound for this group of volunteer firefighters who do puppet shows for elementary schools. It’s a very easy job and will end soon if we don’t get enough funding. What a world!

      THE BEST WEBSITE I RECOMMEND: http://www.filmstaff.com. There are jobs for Hollywood movie studios on there and Pixar/Disney and other places in New York, etc. This seems to be the real mccoy of movie job websites.The great thing about it is that they tell what you have to know to get these jobs. with a little study and work, I could work for Pixar! The problem is that I only need a job for a short time, whereas, these are long-time careers we’re talking about here.

      Of course, you have to pay to read the full job descriptions/contact info for employers, but it’s worth it, from what I saw during my one month trial of $30 or something like that(?).

      So check out filmstaff.com – the Monster of movie/film jobs. And good luck!

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      mandy.com is a good website too. and check craigslist.com for your nearest large city.

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      Thanks for reply Rob and Criss.

      I saw some of yours topics Criss Colorado, think you always be around. Try to find some of your short movies on you tube. I chech out film stuff.

      I try more to find job inf ilm, mostly in Europe, but in Europe dont shoot so many films like in America. So, the job positions are just a few.But in meantime, I shoot my films, with my crew.

      I know for the Mandy.com, RobGrauert, I send my cv and my cover letter to some production company, in Europe, BBC have many good positions, but still no replies. But Mandy.com looks really good.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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