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      I have a laptop 100gb HD/ 1.5 gb ram/ firewire/ s video out/ USBs of course/
      I currently run 3 mini dv cams to a sima mixer then out to a dvd recorder.
      I would like to find a breakout box? to run the cams into and do switching and monitoring on the laptop
      while saving it to the HD to later be edited in Pinnacle Studio.
      Is it possible to run 3 cam in to some type of firewire or composite hub into the laptop via USB or firewire…
      and then have software to give 3 previews and an output view with effects and audio mixing?
      I thought I had found it in the program DV mixer pro, $700… However the company is in Korea and seems to not
      have any tech support and gets poor ratings from those who have bought it (as stated on their website posts), neither is
      there $700 in the budget for this program and breakout box… I hope one of you video greats can help!

      God Bless You
      Min. Rick

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