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      First of all, hello to everyone! First post.

      So there’s this job I think sounds very interesting but I have no experience except making/editing movies with my camcorder and Windows Movie Maker!!! Am I being ridiculous thinking I can learn this quickly because I think it’s interesting? I’m currently a lead electronic tech for a Casino, and have been in a Casino-related tech career for a few yrs now. I guess I’m wondering based on the job desc and my electronic background what you guys think. I’ve always had an aptitude for operating/manipulating electronic gadgets, but also have good people skills and decent spelling/grammar -which alot of people in my field can’t grasp. 🙂 Do you need to go to school for this to really grasp it? or does this sound like an entry-level type thing? I’m wondering if you can be simply trained for this type of job if you don’t have related schooling. I’d buy the equip if they’d actually let me talk them into training me! I would take the time to try to train myself too, like utilizing the help on this site for starters! Also, is anyone familiar with this company? Is it legit?

      Thanks in advance for your help!

      Here’s the job description:

      Were hiring more video professionals!

      DMM, Inc. is hiring more contract Producers in major markets throughout the U.S. to both videotape and edit video for our company. You MUST have an online example of your work to be considered.

      As a DMM, Inc. Producer, we will send you projects for producing 60-second videos in your area as they become available.

      You must have:
      Prosumer or better video camera
      Lapel Mic
      Video Editing Capability (Final Cut Preferred)
      Experience videotaping using natural light
      An ability to meet standard deadlines. Please do not apply if you are not good at meeting deadlines.
      A direct online link to a video example which you both shot and edited.

      This is a legitimate opportunity! We will keep our primary producers busy with constant, ongoing work. Each video project takes approximately one hour to videotape and one hour to edit. You will be paid $150 per job with the goal of providing you with 2 jobs per day. $300 per day = $75,000 per year (with two weeks off for vacation). If youre able to produce 3 jobs per day, you can make $112,000 per year.

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      I don’t know about the rest but if you want to become a pro, you HAVE to know a professional editing program so forget all about Windows Movie Maker. Avid, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere- choose one or more of those and learn it.

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      Ok that’s a start! I kinda figured that wimpy little Windows Movie Maker was a joke, but I didn’t know where to begin to look for some pro software. Thanks for the info.

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      think of final cut pro as a 800lb gorrilla.
      think of final cut express as a 500lb gorrilla that knows some Kung-Fu.
      You’ll save money if you do all your learning on final cut express…

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      That specific job doesn’t seem to be truly-tailored to "entry" level, but it seems close enough that they may take entry level applicants or they (or similar companies) may need entry level assistants.

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