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      On October 30 I found out about a video contest held by MSN.com. The deadline for entries was October 31. I had about a day and a half to come up with something. Well, when all was said and done, I managed to be one of the 20 finalists. The winner will be determined by the votes of the viewers.

      Here is the link:

      Of course, vote for the one you like best, but, the video I made is under the name of “Maria Martinez”. She is the main actress.

      So, if you like my video, help me out with your vote. If I win I will use the money to fund my low-budget movie.


      P.S. Your input is appreciated.

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      Sorry, if I wanted to support ms by downloading internet explorer 6, I would. But I hate to download software just to see the videos. Congrats on getting to the top 20! Good luck.

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