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      ok I’m practiclly new to video (do computer graphics) I’ve been practicing allot on filming on a Panasonic PV-DV402. Ive made some short films. and edit on Final cut on a G4 powerbook.i just recently wrote a script and i’d like to shoot it to the utmost professionalism within my budget $10.000. i intend in giving the actors a cut on the profit so i don’t have to pay them now,and i guess i should take off like $3.000 or $4.000 for additinal production costs.My question to you is how shoud i best split the money up. 1)Camera with three CCD’s 2)sound 3)lightng (if you can recommend brands with model numbers i’d greatlly appriciate it) My next Question is: If my movie comes out good, how likely is it to get bought off by a studio (if you can explain to me how the procces works…. film festivels etc..) any help on any of the topics or anything you can tell me that you think will come in usefull are greatlly appreciated.

      thanks in advance


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      Thank Nikki and King
      Your advice and support are greatly appreciated,its gona be my first real big project,and i hope all works out well.I’m in middle of drawing basic storey boards.i’m very confident in the script and the shooting angles i have in my mind.I still have to decide on one of these cameras:Panasonic AGDVX100,Sony DCR-VX2000 and Canon XL1.
      i have two main characters in the film that are middle eastern and i’m still not sure where i’ll pick them up.any sugestions? nikki do u know of any site that would have that info, of how to make cheap lighting, also tripod & dolly ideas for low budget.

      anyway thanks for your help and lots of luck in Your Projects.

      ps:how secure is it to buy these cameras on ebay?


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