I need very basic help.

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       Hello. I have Movie Studio HD Platinum (is this good?)

      I a video with audio inaudible because the people were mumbling, How do I add text to the bottom to create subtitles ?? Cant find it anywhere.

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      Add a track above the video track. Select “generated media,” “text” and “transparent text.” Drag the “transparent text” block to the track above the video.Type text. Repeat as needed.

      Movie Studio HD Platinum works fine. It’s the “light” version of Sony Vegas Pro.


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      Hi John

      Noticed your two blank posts. I had a similar problem using Internet Explorer 9after upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit. I even resorted to writing the post in notepad and pasting to the Reply window. Then I downloaded Google Chrome and use that for posting and all my problems went away.

      Cheers Ian

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       john, like you, probably, I experience blank posts which can be solved by clicking send post, window pops up asking if you want to leave page, click stay on page, click send post again this time when window pops up, click leave page. This should result in no blank post. I don’t know why this happens but someone else suggested this solution and it works, if I remember to do it right (obviously not all the time).

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       john, as jack stated, vegas movie studio platinum will do almost everything the pro edition will do but with fewer tracks. If you are just starting out, this should meet your needs for quite some time. Later the move to pro, if necessary, is relatively easily. Keep shooting.

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