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      Hi.. I need your expertice help..
      Im new in videographer bussiness.. Non expert.
      My primary jobs are weddings (low ligth conditions), school events (indoor and outdoor) and even some times, comercial promos (amateur quality) Ive been working with GL2 (in rental) a good camcorder i think.. but its time to buy my own.

      What am I thinking about the camcorder
      1.- Technology (HD or SD)
      Mybe i dont need the HD for this moment.. but Im thinking in the future.. I dont want an obsolete camcorder in 1 or 2 years. I wont buy a new camcorder at least in 3 years
      I work with FC express, sometimes in iMove HD and maybe in a few months move to FC Express 3.5 HD

      2.- If I dont have HD, think in my job.. weedings, school events. I already have a Bescor Video Ligth 50 watts dimmer light with 7MM battery (i dontcare use an extra light)

      3.- Features. I mean.. I dont know what is my future in this bussiness. Maybe Ill need some features like 24P or cinema look– i really dont know, but I want to cover as many features as possible.

      I spent 7 days looking an advice to choose a camcorder. I live in permanent headache trying to choose one.
      Ive been compare:
      SONY VX 2100
      Canon XL2
      Sony HDR FX1
      Canon GL2
      Pannasonic AG-DVC60
      Panasonic AG-DVX 100B

      I like shoulder mount camcorder like PannyDVC60 or XL2, but i dont want to choose one considering only that feature.
      Can anybody well experienced give me and solid advice…?
      If you can order the list above in your preferences
      Please. give me a choice ilike you are in my shoes.. what camcorder will you buy????

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      Personally, having used the VX-2100 and the GL-2, I’d say they’re both fine cameras. I don’t think either one is going to be "obsolete" soon, either.

      Your budget and your desires would define which one to get, I suppose. The GL-2’s are great cameras in general, but can get grainy and lose color depth in dimly lit churches. On the flip side, with the $250 mail-in rebate going on for the GL-2, it’s about $650 cheaper per camera than the VX-2100. But you have to keep in mind that a lot of your savings will have to be spent on lighting to make up for the deficiency of the GL-2, and some couples don’t like lighting at their weddings.

      The VX-2100 has less zoom range, and can be a hair more basic in some regards, but all in all, it’s a pretty slick camera. Plus, it’s good down to 1 lux, so in the least lit ceremony you’ll get good picture. Again, more expensive, but then again, you won’t need to drop a grand on a lighting setup.

      If you won’t be doing a whole lot of low-light stuff, I’d say stick with the GL-2’s. I like em. I own three of them. If lighting is a concern, and you’re willing to pay a little more, the VX-2100 is for you. I’ve also got one of these, and I am very happy with it.

      EDIT to add: Don’t bother with Hi-Def yet. For what you described yourself as doing, you’re not going to need it.
      Hope that helped some.

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      You have a lot of different cameras on your list there — with money not so much a factor, I would drop the GL2 and ag-dvc60 off the list.

      If you are not sure what you will want to do or just starting out, I would leave HD aside for now. There is so much to do and learn about SD right now, to keep you quite busy for a while.

      The XL2 is a great camera for interchangeable lenses, and it has a solid user community. However, I don’t see it much as an event type camera.
      You will also hear nothing but great things about the vx2100.
      I have the dvx100b and I absolutely love it. The dvx100 has better audio connections and more features like the 24p and other formats, that will enable a great deal of flexiblitiy — but it does cost more, of course. (There is a rebate going on right now, too)

      Of course, I am going to be biased towards my camera – but I honestly do not have anything bad to say about the others.
      Check out http://dvxuser.com/articles/shoot3/ for a comparison of the dvx100b, the XL2 and the FX1. (Note: it does come from dvxuser.com, so you might expect a little bias there. It really does seem to be objective though).

      Shoulder mounting is doable on any of the cameras – e.g– look at http://www.spiderbrace.com for a cheap alternative.

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