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      Hi. I’ve searched all over, and found nothing. So I come to those learned.

      I have a Hitachi and can’t for the life of me figure out how to access video on the disc as a file I can import into editing software. It claims to save it as an mpeg, which is supported of course, but the only files I have available are IFO and BUP files. It plays fine, as a DVD, so I guess it did one job correct, but I was under the impression that camcorders today were generally able to do both.

      I can rip it to my harddrive, but it seems like there’s a way to skip that I’m just not grasping.

      Any help at all would be much appreciated.

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    joecamel Wrote:

    I can rip it to my harddrive,

    That’s usually what you have to do. When I was working doing transcoding and such, I actually had someone bring in a miniDVD that was cracked in multiple spots [physically almost broken in half], and I was able to rip it, so you should be able to rip the data directly from a good disc. Note that you shouldn’t need to do any decrypting like you would on a normal DVD, and if your editing software supports MPEG2, you may be able to just rename the files [they should be the larger files in the VIDEO_TS folder] to .MPG, .MP2, .M2P, or .M2S and use them.

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    I tried renaming the larger file present both mpg and avi. They become media files which I can view (though the length is displayed as 00 and moving forward or backwards is impossible. Most importantly, none of them worked in the editing software.

    What kind of ripping software would you recommend? Everything I find costs about 40 bucks. Is there something cheaper or free out there, or do I need to shell out the bones?

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    If you can view them, just run them through conversion/recompression software.

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