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      Hi everyone.

      I am new the this forum right now and would be very happy for some help.
      Just today I have been asked by a e-bay member if I would like to buy
      "Pinnacle Studio Plus 10.5 Titanium Edition" and it’s new & sealed. I get the
      idea from some other posts that it seems to freeze and crash? I have been
      given ’till the 28th of January to say yes or no to this offer. Could you give me
      a bit of feed back on it? I do editing for a hobby and am only 16 but have used
      Pinnacle 9.3 and found it to be very good.

      Thanks 🙂

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      Earth to Videomaker forum….. Earth to Videomaker forum can you read me???:P
      I am running out of oxygen (time) and will not be able to last much longer.
      Anyone got any ideas on if I should get pinnacle 10.5 titanium edition?

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      If you already have pinnacle 9.3 and have no problems with it keep using it. If you think you need to upgrade think about what other programs you can get for the same amount you are looking to spend. I use pinnacle 10.6 titanium and I like it, it works fine for me, but I just got Sony Vegas.

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      I would stick with Studio 9 for now. I have S9 on one computer and s10 on another. Studio 9 is much more reliable and easier to use.

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      I have never had a problem with Pinnacle 10.x.

      Actually, Pinnacle 9.x was given to crash frequently… typically the week my project was due.

      single core p4 socket775 3.6MHz, 1G Ram, primarily high def video.

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      I went from version 9 to 11. I don’t know what this person is charging you, or what you’re willing to pay… But version 12 is available now starting at about 80.00 (130.00 for Ultimate). That’s what I have; and I love it.

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      If you want to stay with Pinnacle, I would go to V12. I had no problems with V9, but V10 gave me fits. I have recently begun the transition to Sony Vegas, but am keeping V12 on my computer as well. The only problem I have had with V12 is the long rendering times.

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      Pinnacle 9 is best of all the pinacle i have ever used please if you need to upgrade go to another software as brother mike said. premiere pro is good. beleieve me that there is not pinnacle that I enjoyed than studio 9 plus. it is vey relaible.

      I have used pionacle from 8 to 12 and now I am in adobe premiere pro that I enjoy every bit of it.

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