I need sad/dying/cancer royalty free music

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      Hello everyone,

      i am finishing in post production, just adding sound, i got most of my music, but i still have about 3 or 4 scenes that are very dramatic, a cancer patient dying, telling his family goodbye, telling ppl he is sick, i have bought royalty free music from css, music 2 hues, i am still looking, does anyone know some good songs i can purchase, get from somewhere? thanks.

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      http://www.jimmyg.us/ has some great royalty free music. You just have to create a account and you can download all of his musics.

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      My two main sources of RF music are SmartSound (Sonic Fire Pro) and Digital Juice (StackTraxx and BackTraxx). If you cannot find what you want there, you cannot find it anywhere (IMHO).

      If you’re looking to score specific odd lengths, Sonic Fie Pro might be a better choice – StackTraxx has multiple versions of the same piece in pre-set lengths (10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and full length).

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      I love the Digital Juice stuff, StackTraxx and BackTraxx (which have been on sale lately). But I would also check out FreePlayMusic.com for some of the best, fresh music available. Their search engine alone makes it worth looking into. NOTE: it’s not exactly royalty free, but their rates are reasonable – free in some cases – and the quality of compositions and musicianship is amazing.

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      Thanks Everyone.

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      Also, all of the music inhttp://www.audiofarm.org/have a creative common’s license. Each composer specify the kind of license. Some let you do whatever you want to do with their music, but some are a bit more restricted. All of the music in there is free, but i suggest you check the specific license for each composer, so you won’t get sued or something xD

      VideocoPilot has ProScores (http://videocopilot.net/products/proscores/) I bought it, and it is just amazing. The best part is that you can mix all of the sounds and create your own music, but they also have a pre-made music.

      Hope this helps =D


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      Also check out Sony’s line of music and sfx for the Vegas and Acid line of software. Because they are .wav based audio files, they should work with whatever software you have. Lot’s to choose from, bundles are more economical.


      Where the hell are you getting all this money to buy gear and stuff? My inner 14 year-old is reeaallly starting to hate you! Only joking, but since you have access to all this stuff and the years to develop your talent you better take advantage of it or else!

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      ever try playing familiar tunes, slowwwly?

      Even “Happy Birthday” sounds depressing, if you play it slowly enough…

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      Composite1, I am almost 15 years old! lol And i don’t get hundreds of dollars for allowence and i dont have a pot of gold..so how i buy all my stuff??

      Go to the store with a gun, and let me tell, they will give you anything you want (remember to use a mask though!)… lol nah, i am kidding.

      I just have some pretty awesome money management skills,and imight be 14 yrs old, but i sweat for my money.I work really hard, but in the end of the day, i think it’s worthy it.

      And “old people” (joking xD) aren’t the only ones that have gigs! Iam really good with potography, so i do cover some events from time to time. You know, just the basics: takes lots and lots of photos, batch edit them, and photoshop the really good ones. Create a motage with Vegas, make a Menu with After Effects(My broadcasting teacher lets me use the MAC at my school afterschool), and Voila! I don’t film events and stuff, its just too much hard work, but i might do it when i get older.

      Hope that answers thewhole “14-years-old-having-some-really-good-equipments-mistery” =D

      Btw, you can just call me Caio.

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      Being an “old” Navy guy, I dig the ‘Shippo’ part and may revert from time to time.

      No, I didn’t necessarily think there was a mystery that an ‘almost 15 year-old’ had access to good gear. When I was your age, none of this stuff existed. I was a grown man by the time I was fortunate enough to get involved with video/film production and that was in the pro arena. These days this stuff is not only relatively cheap, depending on what you get even the consumer stuff can turn out good looking product if you have an ‘eye’ and some skills.

      What used to be the privilege of production houses, broadcast studios and large universities can now be found in public schools and your neighbor’s living room. So I’m not surprised a young fellow like yourself is actively involved in doing video work. Actually I’m quite pleased to see you investing your time in more than whippin’ out ‘digital spooge’ to clog bandwith on the ‘Tube.

      You have the rare opportunity to learn how to do this stuff at an early age and should you decide to stick with this as a career, by the time you’ve expanded your knowledge and skill in university or placed yourself into a professional apprenticeship you’ll be way ahead of the curve and many of your future competitors. That doesn’t mean my inner ‘nearly 15 year-old’ isn’t jealous!

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      Hi Escobar.

      I have a song dedicated to this. Written for my mother 2 years ago, whilst she was going through Chemotherapy.

      Go to http://www.harperash.com and listen to ‘Tubes of Red Pain’. It’s a free downloadand I’m very happy for anyone to use this, royaly free.

      There arealso12 furthertracks on the site, with a mixture of genres: folk, rock, piano solo classical and thrash. Anyone’s welcome to help themselves. The only thing I ask is to let meknow if you have used any tracks as I would like to see the results and add any links to my site.

      Harper Ash


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      Harper – Well written and emotion comes through loud and clear.

      Thanks for the offer of using it RF – you might want to notate that on your website.

      I assume you’re referring to adriamycin (doxirubicin) – correct?

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      I ran into a similar problem, needing some music for a short I’m working on.

      Now to be fair, it is not finished, there is no voice over yet and no foley, and there is still a murder scene no in there…

      but the music, is adequet, if not astounding… lol!

      it is made from soundloops and public domain in mixed garageband… I can’t even read music…


      and one more, a photoshoot where I did the photography, video, post production and music all with apples iLife and photoshop elements:


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