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      I know this topic has probably been posted hundreds of times, but I need to know: Considering my budget is…limited, what is a good computer for video editing? You see, I’m not sure why I would need dual processors or two sticks of ram compared to one…I’m just kind of lost…

      …also…how do I do special effects???

      …also again…I’m looking for a way to port video in through a video card or something using standard (yellow) video cables

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      o…………………..ok 😯

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      I don’t know what your budget is but videoguys.com made a pc for $2,000 that can run all editors with ease. It also features pci-express and DDR2. You can go their by clicking this link. videoguys.com/DIY2

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      Any computer will work…….you don’t need dual processors, but one with hyperthreading technology would help. You need lots of RAM. Prefferably at least 1 gig. That can be in the form of 1 stick, 2 sticks, etc. depending on the motherboard and what you want to put in it. You do need at least one large hard-drive, two would be better as you could then dedicate 1 of them to video footage which will take up lots of space. As for capture, there are several capture boards out there that have breakout boxes that will accept the red & white audio and yellow video RCA type plugs. Not expressing any specific brand names for computers, there are lots out there for less than 2 grand. Intel processors seem to do better with video editing than AMD. Hope that helps. Kind of hard, not knowing your budget limitations.

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      We have several excellent articles on our website loaded with the ionfo you seek.

      System recommendations for DTV http://www.videoguys.com/system.htm
      We get asked all the time, “What computer system should I use for DTV?” This page was created to give you some basic guidelines. We discuss the latest and greatest technologies and let you know if we recommend them or not. We also outline what kind of computer you need for the different levels of DTV. This page includes a list of known potential compatibility issues and hardware/software to stay away from. If you are getting a new computer for your NLE system, this page will save you time and money!!!

      Videoguys Do-It-Yourself NLE Computer Guides
      Back in Febuary of 2004 we posted our first DIY article as a guidebook for digital videographers who wanted to build their own NLE computer on a tight budget. Since then we have updated our first article, and published a second. Or third DIY article is scheduled for the end of Febuary ’05

      1. DIY1 – Videoguys Challenge Build your own NLE computer for under $1,000 http://www.videoguys.com/DIY1.html
      2. DIY2 – Big Blue – Build an NLE Hot Rod for $2,000 http://www.videoguys.com/DIY2.html
      3. DIY3 – Dual Processor Workstation for real-time HDV editing (coming soon)


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