I Need help selecting a Wireless Mic System for XL2

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      Hello All,

      I recently purchased a Canon XL2 and I am in need of a Wireless Mic system to use along with it. The mics will primarily be used for my films but will also be used for my wedding in August. I was able to convince my Fiance that we should buy them when our wedding planner said that we could provide our own for the wedding or rent a system for $320. I have been thinking about the Gemini UF2064L which has a dual receiver and operates on a UHF frequency (it has about a 250ft range) it also comes with 2 transmitters and 2 Lavalier mic’s all for around $215. I will need 2 of these systems since I will need 3 wireless body mics for the wedding. Do any of you have experience with this system and would you reccomend it? Could you reccomend any other wireless systems that I could have 4 wireless lavalier mic’s for under $600. Any information would be much appreciated.

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      😯 Under $600.00 dollars?

      Wow, getting 4 mics which means you’ll need 4 transmitters and some how be able to recieve all that for under $600.00 will be pretty tough. If you’re planing on connecting all of this to one camera you’ll need a mixer of some type too. I picked up a duel channel Azden with two transmitters a while ago and I paid around $650.00.

      I guess all I could suggest is do your homework. Snoop around and see just how all of the different brands compare. Be careful however because people that shop by price only have a tendancy to get burned.


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