i need help! fx7 or a1

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      ok so ive been looking around online all over for which camera i should get. ive narrowed it down to two…for now.i was looking at a either an hdr fx7 or an xh a1. ive messed with the fx7 a little at frys but other than that its been all reading info online so im kinda scared to buy such an expensive thing without using it.i need your help on what camera you think would be best for me. i know it all depends on what you use it for so im gona be using it for little video projects, some skateboarding, surfing, and other random footage. im NOT gona be using it for business or for anything that will bring in any money unless anyone were to ask me to do a wedding or something. im not the best filmer yet, but i deff want to learn to use my camera to the fullest. so im basically wondering if someone like me would benifit from the "more professional" a1 or is it way too advanced for what i need out of a camera, or would i even realize a difference between the two?keep in mind that ive saved up for a long long time for this so i dont want to outgrow the fx7 and wish i would have gotten the a1

      this is my first post so bare with me

      any input is appreciated. thanks!

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      That A1 is almost a thousand dollars more. 😯
      If you’re going to use an expensive professional mic, the A1 has professional XLR mic inputs (as opposed to the stereo mini-plug input on the FX1). And true, Canon HD pro camcorders do have a very good reputation for image quality. I suspect the A1 will have a "slightly" sharper image, but hey…. you’re going to get High Definition with either choice. Just how professional do your videos need to look?

      On the other hand, the FX7 has a larger LCD monitor, and it has HDMI output. You might not use the HDMI out right now, but I think in a year or so there will be add-on devices that let you record uncompressed video through the HDMI port. Since that would avoid HDV compression, the recording should look much better.

      If I were you, I’d go with the FX7……. or save up my money a little more and go with the Sony V1U. Now THERE’S a camera! πŸ˜€ The V1U has HDMI output, internal 4:2:2 color encoding (useful if you use the HDMI out), and TRUE progressive scan in both 24fps and 30fps. Darn it! Now I’m salivating all over my keyboard!

      Gotta go, πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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