I need help ASAP

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      Hi guys

      I need advice ASAP.

      Is this computer any good for editing HD video using after effects Cs4?

      Im still using a Intel p4 at the moment and it struggles like hell but I’ve been offered this for 300 pound

      Processor: Intel i7 Quad Core with hyperthreading @ 2.66 GHz (System has NOT been overclocked)

      RAM: 4GB @ 1033 MHz

      Graphics Card: Radeon HD477

      Motherboard: Asrock X58 Extreme

      Cheers in advance

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      At approximately $700.00 (U.S.), it’s probably an O.K. price. I would check the expandability of the motehrboard. I would definitely upgrade the RAM to as much as you can afford. The graphics card will probably handle CS4, you might want to consider upgrading that too. I recommend factoring those in when/if you accept the offer…


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      I’m not sure what an i7 system goes for in the UK but $700 for 3 year old equipment seems high to me, especially with only 4Gb.

      Ed is right, get more ram.If you get it, you will be able to upgrade everything without changing the processor and m/b.

      For instance, you can double up on your crossxfire video card later providing the power supply can handle it.

      For speedier rendering in After Effects having seperate drives helps. So yes its a good system for 1 line of HD, perhaps 2, and might be a good deal if its got a +600 watt powersupply and already has multiple drives.

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      Cheers guys, it’s got to be faster than my old P4 computers? Anyway I’m going round later to have a look and I’ll keep all your points in mind before parting with my cash. I know the power supply is 650 so I would have thought that would be ok and I was planning add more more ram and change the graphics card anyway. At present I think it only has one drive but it’s 1tb but I suppose I could add more as I go.

      Thanks very much for your advice and it’s much appreciated, I’ll let you know how I go.

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      Get another hard drive for your footage, that will speed things up a tad. Also, look into getting a Nvidia 4000 gpu to help with the rendering. I would also see if you are capable of upgrading the cpu chip for an I7 3.33 if possible, not a deal breaker but the faster the cpu the better.

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      After reading what everyone has said and doing a bit of research, I have decided to give that computer a miss and save a little bit more to buy an 8 core with a 2Gb graphics card amongst other things.

      Cheers for everyones advice.

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      That is a lot of money for an old rig. Mainly check with the hardware requirements for your Non-Linear Editing Program. Those requirements will dictate what you’ll be needing. The others are correct, you’ll need at least one large capacity harddrive other than your Operating System drive to work with HD video and not slow down your rig. 8GB is now the new low-end operating amount of RAM. Make sure the RAM is at least SDRAM DDR3 1333 so it will be able to work efficiently alongside your i7 CPU.

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