I need advice on best PC for editing (ASAP)

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      I am looking to upgrade pretty much evrything I own. I am buying 2 new cameras (Sony FX1), new software (probably Premiere Pro), etc. I am also planning to either upgrade my PC or buy a total new one.
      I currently use Pinnacle Studio and am ready for something bigger and better. I am doing more and more volume in capturing, editing and storage.

      My current PC has the following:
      – Intel pentium 4
      – 2.40 GHz
      – 1 GB RAM
      – 279 GB hard Drive, plus and external hard drive (500 GB)
      – My burner is NEC DVD-RW ND-2510A (dual layer)
      – Windows XP

      So can anyone give me some advice to help me get the most bang for my money? By the way, I don’t really have any money 😀 … so I must make the best decision.

      Should I just upgrade the specs on the computer? If so, to what?

      Or would my money be better spent to get a wholenew system?
      I saw an ad today from Office Depot for an [b]HP Pavilion Media center Desktop[/b] that seems to be loaded for only 949.99.
      It includes:
      – The new Intel Core 2 Quad – four processors for maximum multi tasking (that’s me)
      – 3072 MB DDR2 memory (whatever that means)
      – 640 GB hard Drive
      – Lightscribe disc labeling
      – Media Center with remote & personal video recorder
      – Integrated wireless LAN
      – Microsoft Vista Home Premium with TV tuner

      Any opinions on this deal? Is it a deal? Should I seriously consider it? Or just upgrade my current PC?

      I value your opinions.

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      The new machine sounds good. The two things I worry about are: (1) Vista. (2) Why is it so cheap? (3) Can I have the old one? 8)

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      Good luck finding something that works well with Vista – My advice would be to get a copy of XP Pro and then you have a wide variety of what will work well (Sony, Adobe, Avid, many more…).

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      I second the XP thing, if you want, go XP64, The advice I most often have gotten recently from people who build computers for FX houses recently.
      Vista is not compatible enough, you will be frustrated, at least until EVERY program is Vista compatible, but seeing programs lately, there are still a lot coming out for XP, not Vista.

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      You cant go wrong. I have a mac pro desktop with 2 30 inch cinema displays and a 500 gb external. For on the go editing I have a 17" macbookpro. I am currently editing with the final cut pro package. These tools havnt failed me once. Apple is absoluetly the best computer around to get the job done.

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      I don’t mean to start a Mac vs. PC war (I use both: they have their purposes). However, I would have to disagree on the Mac statement, at least in this case. The original poster is already a Windows user, so going with a PC, it will be familiar to them. I also find it easier to upgrade a PC and there are more NLE options and such for a PC. At least in this case, I fell that a PC is best for this user (Which btw, that PC you listed seems like a pretty good deal).

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      You shouldn’t focus on a single system as the "best" In the old days, apple had clear graphics advantages, but now it’s not so, there are no real clear advantages between systems in this field, just preference. There are more equipment and upgrade options as well as software for PC however, if you plan to use certain software, make sure that you check out it is available on Mac. Don’t go in following the Mac user stigmata, it’s a very old idea that hasn’t been updated with the new ;).

      That said, Intel is rumored to be dropping their prices in a month, so watch for a price drop soon.

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      I have Pro CS3 on Windows XP and Vista and I have not had any problems with my Vista/CS3 mix both are on Vaio’s. My camera is my old tried and true FX-1.

      But the bottom line is to use what works best for you.
      I’m glad to see some sound thinking in the whole Mac vs. PC crap….

      I think the new system you wrote about should keep you happy for some time to come.

      Good luck to you.

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