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      I have a Panasonic DVD Palmcorder, VDR 250. It’s a video and a still. The challenge is, the camera does not have a hot shoe. I need it to fire a studio-type flash (Rokunar Studio Pro 100). There are no outputs that I can find to make that happen. The flash unit has an input for a cable trip, if I can find a way to make the camera do it.

      I had a thought, and this may not be do-able…The camcorder accepts SD storage cards. Do you know of any Panasonic or generic SD cards that have an output connector on board, kinda like the broadband connectors mounted on cards used in laptop computers. I think all I would need is a momentary closure from the camera to the flash unit. But with digital technology, finding a simple momentary closure can be all but impossible. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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      I’m not sure I understand the question…

      but I think your’re looking for an optical slave for your studio strobe (I’m surprised if it doesn’t already have a slave built in…(what’s wrong with hot/or flourecent lighting?))…

      Weinmakes some, if your camcorder fires a preflash before the main flash, there are special slaves that can be programmed to ignore the preflash and fire on the main flash….

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