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      New video editor here, I’m working to make videos for my group of friends in a game. I just need a basic video editor that has some cool transitions and – most importantly – has the ability to do really cool titles.

      The titles thing is big. I’m using WMM right now, and the inability to MOVE THE TITLE really irks me, as does the Powerpoint-ness of the options available and the title editing system in general. Can anyone advise me as to a program that’s great for that kind of stuff? I’m hearing good stuff about Adobe and Sony, so any vouches for those would be nice, too, one way or another.



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    As a former Vegas user and current Premiere user, I don’t think you’ll go wrong with either one of those.

    If you go the Adobe way, try to get Photoshop Elements as this will give you more options.

    You can get Vegas and Premiere for very good prices [less than $150] if price is a concern.
    If money is not a big issue then you may what to look at Sony’s and Adobe’s more "Pro" softwares however in the right hands their so-called lesser NLE’s can/will give you very Pro results.

    I’m sure there are other options out there but those are the two that I’ve worked with for both personal and work projects, so I can say they are good.

    Avid is one that I’ve worked with as well but not enough to say one way or the other but you may want to look at them as well.

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    quicktime pro has some options….ad photoshop elements…

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    Thanks for the quick responses.

    Do these provide some pretty intense animations/transitions/effects? As a rule of thumb, I’m looking for the kind of stuff in this video (with the character introductions). Nothing too crazy, but looking for a good selection.

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    The programs listed shouldn’t have a problem with the text – if what you’re looking for is the ability to add different colors and designs to a font.

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    Moreso font and title animations.

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    As far as I know, Premiere Elements can animate fonts – moving them back and forth, up and down, etc.

    Download the trial at Adobe’s website and see if it will work for what you want.

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