I need a name for a film I’m making.

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      Daniel Hart

      It’s a comedy about secret agents from rival agencies that are paired together to work on a big mission. We don’t have a name yet, been calling it the secret agent project. Any ideas? It’s like a drama/comedy sort of thing.

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      Ok I need more info about the plot or the agents name but I got three names I can throw at you ….

      1. DUO of Death

      2. Double Agents

      3. Rivals

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      I’d go with “Operation: Duo” or something. and have that the name of mission there on.

      But, names are the last thing you should worry about really. I’m taking a screenwriting class right now, in college. and the instructor never looks at the title, I called one assignment “Class Assignment 1” as the title. Just give it a Working Title for now, and as you develop it a name will hit you…thats how it always works for me. I start writing it, and once the story is fully developed i always imagine the opening sequence and title first, to seet up what mood im going for.

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      I agree with Franko, I usually throw a title that I don’t particularly love on a project until the title just hits me through working on it. The title should come effortlessly to keep from seeming forced or contrived.

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      Operation: Paradox

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