I need a makeup kit for Actors faces in HD recordings.

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      Recording videos in HD and did I get a shock. I need to acquire some kind of make-up kit for talent/actors in the videos.

      Since, I’m a man… I wouldn’t know where to start or what to buy. I have to do somthing, becauseHDTV is very hard onfaces.

      Icould also use some information some basic ideas ofhow apply makeup. I’m not talking aboutturning people into beauty queens.

      If you watch HDTVnews, you’ll know the kind of basic stuff I need to do. Thewomen I interview will have to do their own for the most part, unless I really learn how to do this. That I seriously doubt. LOL

      I mainlyneed to make the guys look better,hide some stuff on their faces,get the shine off their faces, etc.

      I’d sure appreciate somefeedback and especially someplace to buy something like a make-up kit, that will handlea lotof different faces. Probably need some links to information on applying makeup for film/videos as well.

      Again, I won’t be doing women… so I probably just need some basic stuff and basic instruction. Mostly, improving them some will be a lot. LOL


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      Re: Makeup

      Bad makeup is worse than no makeup. I carry a little bag with a hand mirror, cotton pads to dabon sweat and a neutral powder(RIMMEL Stay Matte) to reduce forehead and nose shine. I also carry a wide tooth hair brush that makes it easy for me to pick out people hair after use – nothing worse than a used brush! For guys I just straighten their hair and recommend only a flat lip balm which I also carry and dispense by wiping the top with a tissue and having them run their finger along the top and then put it on their lips. Trying to do anything else for a guy just doesn’t work until you get to studio work. Really, get a pro to help if you are in for a bunch of high profile men on video.

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      I’m doing mostly studio work, but the budget isn’t there for hiring someone just to do makeup.

      I don’t think it will take too much, makeup wisde. Covering up some moles, blemishes, dark circlesaround theeyeswould definitely help.

      Not trying to rework theguys,just make them more presentable. The women for the most part know how to use makeup.I run a few test shoots on them, and theywork out the issues.

      I don’t need a full pro pack of makeup stuff, but powders, creams, pencils,brushes have me a little overwhelmed. I’ve been watching some videosaround on the web. IF some guy needs alot of makeupwork I may have to move him further from the camera. LOL

      Regardless,the HD recordingreally exposes faces, especiallyif lighting is good. Whew! I never realized.

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      “I don’t think it will take too much, makeup wisde. Covering up some moles, blemishes, dark circlesaround theeyeswould definitely help.”

      It’s not easy to accomplish what you think you need to do. Women who wear makeup spend a lot of time finding the right colour for their skin tone. It’s not a one colour fits all proposition to reduce but shine. That’s why I only carry the matte, I can’t carry or mix colours to suit everyone blemish or mole or dark circles.

      Go with a girl to a “makeover” and ask a bunch of questions. Try different camera angles and lighting, there are some post filters that blur a little, I haven’t tried those though.

      Now I’m wondering ifother videographers think it’s an issue. I mean, you do want your talent to look their best, it makes you look good too, but how much time and fuss do you put into it when you are on a low budget?


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      I use a translucent talc powder. alcohol wipes work on sweaty males.


      can you hide flaws with make-up? …yes

      can you hide flaws with lighting? …yes

      softboxes, striplightlights, umbrellas, ringlights (eg on axis fill)….etc.

      think soft light, low contrast, and straight on axis (to the lens) fill light.

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      The HD brings out every little sweat gland. Look at the national news on HDTV. My gosh, those poor anchors have gotta be beautiful

      It wouldn’t surprise me to see alot more women anchors, just because the men justdon’t look that good on the HDTV.

      Course… I’m definitely partial to pretty women.

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      As a DP I’m often hired to shoot interviews. In many situations the budgets can’t afford the services of a make up artist. I have great respect for makeup artists and I could never replace their contribution to the shoot. However, for these situations I recommend using “The Shine Control Kit."  Google it for info.

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      A good make-up can increase your confidence and make you feel more comfortable to face people, but a bad make-up is always worse than no makeup. I have noticed the awkward faces we see in HDTV channels as it even displays the pores and deep make up faces. It is always better you start using quality products and apply slight and descent makeup to look your make up faces normal and pretty. I always use Kaplan md products for my personal use. They are reliable and help you look normal with charming skin. You can check their products at https://kaplanmd.com/ and see how helpful those are for you.

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      HD is dreadfully revealing on big close ups, and hence why the pro’s are shifting to spray or mist on makeup, as to apply conventional makeup evenly, and quickly is really hard. Even a bit of powder is visible, and with fellas the makeup, vs real skin border is rarely invisible. I’m not sure the traditional stuff is good enough at all. Maybe with a pro doing it, but I do know I have tried and cannot do an invisible job – others are better of course.

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      You can go to a professional site to buy cosmetics such as MAC Meilian  Shiseido and so on brand. the cheap cosmetics are not good for the skin. We run an online mall that sells airbrush makeup kits spray guns, but because you are a man, I don't recommend you to our gun for beauty,lol

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      Translucent powder for male talent works if you don't have a makeup artist on set. For female talent hire a makeup artist, they probably know how to do their own but for the camera is always good to go with a professional makeup artist. Light the subjects with softboxes or bounce your key lights off a white surface (beadboard, silk). You can hide blemishes in post with a plugin filter. (Cosmo from RedGiant) 

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