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      Hello everyone,

      Can anyone recommend a good solution for printing printable DVD-R?

      I have a project to complete 40 seperate DVD’s. I need to duplicate 100 of each individual DVD.

      My budget is very tight on this project and i need a very low cost and time consuming method of printing some sort of logo or label onto the white DVD surface.

      I don’t need the whole surface covered, only a logo and website address.

      I have considered printing small stickers to place on the disks myself, but worry this would unbalance the disk.

      Any advise will be appreciated.


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      I don’t know how low your budget is by Epson makes printers that can print on DVDs. The R220 is probably the cheapest at around $80 (depending where you get it). I have the R260, the next model up and its awesome.

      Some companies make cheaper 1-color printers just for disc printing but I have heard so many war stories its ridiculous. (Breaks down after 5 discs, won’t keep center, etc).

      If this is a job-for-hire, incorporate the cost of the printer into your quote. 40 X 100 (4000) discs is a lot and your client should be expecting to pay well for it.

      DO NOT use sticky labels. Even if they’re the round ones designed for discs. What happens is during playback the disc warms up from the laser and the label becomes gummy. Bad things start to happen.

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      Thanks for the reply kkmac,

      The project is my own and i am not working for anyone on it.

      The project will be ongoing and i expect to be producing between 400 and 800 disks a month, from various different titles.

      The reason i didn’t want to pay big money on a decent disk printer is for 2 reasons.

      1. i am trying to cut costs for this project to a minimum.

      2. the end client will prefer the product to look as amature as possible.

      However i can’t use non printed disks.

      When i mentioned it needed to be a time consuming method, i meant i need something i can do batch process with, either 20 or 50 prints at a time instead of one by one.

      My plan was to buy a 1-11 duplicator and if i could not find a cheeper option maybe a Primera Bravo II AutoPrinter (No drives, for printing only).

      Now i have started looking at the Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher and the Microboards Print Factory 2 CD/DVD Autoprinter.

      However i don’t like the idea of having to keep either of these two machines constantly connected to my computer.
      I would preffer a stand alone duplicator and a printer.

      If stcking labels onto discs is out of the question maybe i will have to spend more than i had planned on a decent printer or a one machine publisher.

      So which option would you guys go for?

      Thanks for your time.


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      Choose two:
      Cheap, Good, Fast.

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      tonsofpcs Wrote:

      Choose two:
      Cheap, Good, Fast.


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      This may sound a little partial because I’m in the industry of duplication but unless your producing a few thousand a month, it’s probably not cost effective to buy your own equipment. You could get something like a bravo 2 that could print nice but you looking at thousands of dollars. If you want to settle for something of lesser quality you can use the regular printers to print with inkjet on the media. However, cartridges can be expensive.

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      just buy inkjet printable dvd and print with epson l800 or stick sticker on dvd disks and print with l800 epson printer its low cost printing ways for dvd cd printing inkjet printable disks price 25 inr per dice. and ordinary disks price is 7 inr. sticker price 40 paise per set. its very low cost. stickers to place on the disks and press its properly no disks run problem is found
      thank you

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