i need a editing card but i dont now what cinde

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      i need an editing card but i dont now were to buy it .i saw some pinnacle card but they were to expensive for me becose i am only 17 years old
      i dont have to much money but i love editing and make video after effecs

      so if some one can tell me were to buy a cheper card or sell one to me X-D

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      What kind of card do you need? an Analog converter or are you talking about a real time accelorator card?

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      i first want to thank you for ansering my quacion.
      i think i need a capture card to capture from my camera to my computer
      my camera has en dv firewire in/out .
      and i want to ask you can i convert from ntsc to pal with any program or how can i do it

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      thank you mr.compusolver but i want to ask you i have an ntsc camera but i need to convert on pal how con i do it and does the firewire card capture pal,and ntsc.and does it capture the 720 520 i have an computer that is 2.6 512ram memory and i can iven edit on adobe premire and in adobe after fx


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      I am not sure because i have not tried it myself. But a client of mine told me that he used the pal setting in premiere and it exported pal even though the input video was ntsc.

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      As far as I know , the only thing firewire does is capture your data in its digital form and translates it to a file – it does not have a reader to analyze the type (NTSC/PAL) – this is done by your software which in most cases will work in both modes , Edius will tell you to change its project settings and restart , others may or may not.
      And if you output the file into a file on your PC – then there is no problem.

      If you want to really make pro videos – get yourself a pro NLE (non linear editor) and a real time video editing card . With 650 US$ you will get everything you need from a company called Canopus which currently offers Edius DV Pack , I almost bought it but opted for their more pro card DVStorm2. (for 100 US$ more you also get 3 Full adobe programs !)

      See in this link what I am talking about:


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