I make Wildlife Youtube videos!

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I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Omar Ghanem,iam an Egyptian and the creator of Natural Geo-Team.

if you are wondering what is Natural Geo-Team?

Natural Geo-team is a group known for making short Wildlife Documentaries and Vlogs on Youtube.
We film anything concerning Nature and we have some webs series's that we are working on:
-Herping with Omar.
-Travel and Adventure.
-Graden Lovers.
-Sea madness.
-Nature Short Clips.
-Ant's empire.</span>

We started the real work on youtube on june 2009 and we made a group of loyal audience till now.

i want you guys to check my videos out, i will be very thankful.

this is my website?

and this is my Youtube page?

Thank you,

Omar Ghanem

btw this is one of our videos

Owls stuck in a Tunnel!!!(A wildlife YT video)

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Nice stuff but intro lasts too long. about 16 seconds till any info about what you are showing. For a demo video on Nature the demo one you gave did not show nature. Remember in Video and all productions you have a few seconds to keep someone's attention. Quality looks good. Just work on the speed of telling the story. Will really increase the viewers.