I m not a filmmaker, just want to buy one for my wedding

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      HI All

      I m not professional, and i m not in filmmaker too

      I just looking a camcorder for my wedding (or future use)

      I did couple research, still cannot figure out what should I choice
      MiniDV , DVD , HD,

      i am thinking DVD should be easiler for me to playback in future,
      MiniDV i need some converter ? and i dont have VHS @ home 🙁

      then 3CCD / High Def. seem its expensive
      and i m not sure do i need that prof equipement.

      any suggestion model ?

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      I am not a video professional (hope to be one day but am not yet good enough).

      That said, for your wedding, rather than taping it youself, take that money and invest in a GOOD professional wedding videograpgher. I have seen samples (even some from folks who post on these boards) that are absolutely amazing – better than I could do myself.

      You’ll always have time to buy a good video camera (they get better and cheaper as time goes on) but you will only have ONE chance to capture that special moment in the lives of you and your wife and you don’t want to lose that forever.

      I speak from experience here as I videotaped my own wedding (a couple of friends with our video cameras plus one on a tripod). It’s OK but not exceptional. I just can’t go back and re-do a few of the things I wish I had on tape.

      Good luck.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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