I Love B&H Catalog Day!

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      Call me ridiculous, but when my B&H catalog arrives in the mail, it’s so cool to flip through the pages and drool over stuff I can’t afford. I can dream about a new camera, or a high end, turnkey NLE system. Of course, I’m still just a hobbyist, but it’s fun to dream!

      Anyway, who else loves it when the catalog arrives? C’mon, don’t be shy…

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      Yeah, I got that in the mail a couple weeks ago.

      It was great to find the new equipment my school got in the catalog and marvel at its price and specs.

      And also to look at the ridiculous.

      $14,000 Apple editing computers and $20,000 camera equipment.

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      I thought they had gotten rid of the catalog and gone completely online, but I was stoked when I got it in the mail! It was like Christmas. I, too, cannot afford anything in there, but it is definately fun to window shop and mark what I would get if I won the lotto.

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      Call me silly, but I like the smell of the new pages.

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      I thought I was the only one that was crazy! I love B&H Catalog day!!!! But nothing can beat when I get my Videomaker in the mail. Now that’s a sweet evening of reading!

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      I like getting the catalogs in too.

      I laugh at all those overpriced ‘turnkey solutions’ too. I’m amazed people will pay 5400$ for something like the computer reviewed in this months Videomaker for something that’s outdated before it even ships to you!!

      Almond I agree with you I like getting the magazine in the mail more than the catalogs!!!

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