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      I need a little advice.

      I plan on doing virtual Real Estate tours and some interview style stuff. I plan on shooting in SD but I just don’t know what to buy. The final product will be on the web and DVD. I would like to be able to shoot 16:9 (even if I use an adapter). I’m looking at the Panasonic AG-DVX100b or the Sony DSR-PDX10. I’ve even considered the HVR-A1U or the AG-DVC30.

      Help. Any suggestions? I want a 3 chip (the A1U is 1 I believe, but has HDV) but 24p may make my stuff look really great (DVX100b). DVCam is also a great feature (PDX10) as is native 16:9 (PDX10).

      Calgone…take me away.

      Thanks for any help.

      P.S. I want to keep the budget no more that $3,500.


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      Thanks for the advice. The interviews I talk about are just single talking heads, much like what you’d see in A&E and Discovery Channel (just not for them).

      I would be using a softbox in low light for the tours and standard 3 point lighting with nice backdrops for the interviews.

      The PD170 is also a consideration. Don’t know much about the VX2100.

      Thanks again.

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      you don’t need to got to the extreme expense of HDV when DV camcorders that are out there right now look really good. I have read nothing but great reviews of the VX2100. Secondly, when shopping for a camera, watch out for rip-off stores. A lot of them lure you in with low prices, but end up soaking you. I highly recommend B&H Photo and Video. they are top notch.


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