I have been asked to make CD copies. How much should I charge?

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      Hello all,

      I have a small 4 tray CD/DVD copier that I use for my own DVD’s I have been asked to make 40 copies of a CD for a company that owns this motivational speech. They own the rights. I have never been asked to make copies before, now everyone is starting to ask. I searched this Forum and didn’t really see anything. I searched my area but most of the quotes include artwork and they just want copies for their members.

      I can get 40 CD-R for about $13.00 without waiting for a bulk order but does anyone have a suggestion? I’m thinking $50.00?

      Thanks for helping


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      This is how I have priced things in the past:

      Find out what the smallest set of CD’s cost and charge that individual retail price for the CD, regardless of what you paid for it.?

      i don’t do many CD’s but I do alot of DVD’s. I have a flat rate of about $6 to $10 per copy which I charge on top of the DVD cost and that includes lightscribe labeling.?

      Another way to do it is calculate how much your equipment costs and then calculate the depreciation, keep track of how long it takes to make one CD and charge an hourly depreciation while at the same time service rate.

      Here is a little more never tell those that don’t know how easy things are.

      My 2 cents


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      Flex Media

      That’s a good way to look at it. I may go with your first suggestion. My equipment is about 9 years old but in good shape because i don’t use it much.

      Thanks for your reply


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      For DVD duplication runs under 100, with 7mm slim cases and inserts, I charge $10 each. For CD runs under 100, with CD jewel cases and inserts, I charge $6 each; for insertion in 7mm slim cases with inserts, $8.

      There’s my time, ink, supplies, packaging, shipping and handling involved, along with costs of the disks and cases, plus dealing with THEIR incorrectly sized or otherwise problematic insert art, or having to develop graphics for them.

      Unlike many small run duplicators out there I do not charge “set up” fees, or other nickle and dime charges. But I do have to make some reasonable profit for my time, skills and the grunt work involved. This is why big houses won’t take on small runs without charging extremely high premiums AND stacking “set up” fees on top of that, plus anything else they can come up with to up the bottom line.

      If a client wants a couple of copies, they’ll pay $15 for either DVD or CD, and that includes mailing. Rush for overnight duplication needs is $50; and they can save shipping costs by picking up and dropping off.

      I have price breaks for jobs over 100 units, but they’re not going to be as cheap as some on-line stores or other shops might let them go. I simply have MORE costs and LESS time as an individual independent professional video services provider, therefore large orders are not my focus, but I won’t turn them down if my price is met.

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      Flex Media


      Thanks. I don’t think they want any artwork, packaging or shipping, albeit I think your pricing for that is quite fair. That does give me a good idea for just bare copying/paper sleeves. I am set up for graphics and art if they prefer that. You are right. That is labor intensive!

      Thank you


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