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      Here’s the deal…I am the PR man for a mixed martial arts organization. We put on a show every 3 months but hope to do once a month…It’s cage fighting. So, what I do is record the event, edit and burn DVDz…then I market and sell them. The fight promoter gets great publicity out of it and I get all the DVD proceeds. I have been selling them at the fights, but I intend to market them through stores and online too.

      One thing that bugs me is this…the fighters enter the cage with background music of their own choosing that the soundman broadcasts…The audience roars and the music blares as the fighters move into the cage.Obviously, I edit out a lot of that material because people just want to see he fights, not all the hype and showbiz…Still, there issometimes enough of a sound byte to ascertain the musical score(s) in the background…Should I be concerned about it from a legal standpoint? Should I over dub the music with some royalty free stuff or am I pretty safe as is? I mean, you can tell when a fighter has an ACDC song escorting him into the cage, but it is incidental…Not an intentional piece of the soundtrack. What is your impression of this littletechnicality?

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      Sadly I don’t have an answer, but I got to say; that’s a really good question. I look forward to hearing from other forum members.

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      buy royalty free music. edit out the sound of the music, and edit in the crowd cheering and your paidfor music….

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      Thanks D0n, I suppose that is do-able…

      Ideally though, the whole program needs to revamp the music angle and use royalty free music…

      We intend to grow and get on TV next, so…

      What I need to do is remake the fights I have already done and from here on out use only royalty free music in the show.

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