I have a BEEF with VIMEO!

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      Hello there,

      I am a Vimeo Plus user and was planning to upgrade to Vimeo Pro. They had an introductory price offer for $139.99. They didn’t say that it was for a limited time, so yesterday, I was planning to upgrade and they didn’t have that price. It went to $199. So I emailed Vimeo pleaded my case, telling that I didn’t see anything that it was for a Limited Time. So we have gone back and forth 3 or 4 times and this was there answer:

      We believe that Vimeo PRO is already an incredible value for what we provide when compared to other commercial video hosting services. The discount for Plus users converting to PRO was for a limited time only, and was publicized with the announcement of Vimeo PRO across all our social media channels.

      Sincerely,Tommy Penner

      I have my own business, I have to work with my clients and if they have an issue, I will be more than willing to help them out.

      I can tell you my own humble opinion of how I feel, but I would rather hear from you guys, what you think and if you have any suggestions.

      Obtw, when I emailed Vimeo, I gave them Honey and not Vinegar, because spreading Vinegar is not productive, unless you have to as a last chance.

      Thank you for your time and words! Have a Great Day!

      Disclaimer: This is to Videomaker, Please don’t punish me, if vimeo is a sponsor or related to Videomaker. I don’t know if you have a connection with vimeo, but if you do. Please just take the post down, but please don’t suspended my account. I just don’t know if there is a connection. I don’t mean ill will to videomaker, I just have this Beef and trying to get suggestions.

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      He who hesitates, comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong, I have total empathy with you and get upset with the Big Guys such as Netflix, Facebook and others when they arbitrarily do things that upset my apple cart.

      However, that’s simply the nature of business I suppose. My humble opinion is that when I see something especially affordable or wonderfully priced I have two options: act now, or take a chance and lose out.

      As frustrating and aggravating as it is there’s not much hope, with the rare and occasional exception of more consumer-minded companies, of things changing. Companies such as Vimeo, Google, Netflix, and let’s toss in all the cable and phone companies while we’re at it, Apple too, might act like bullies, but they can and usually get away with it. Us little guys just have to act in a way that gives us whatever advantages we can hope for without delaying decisions or opportunities that can quickly disappear.

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