I have $700. What should I get?

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      I do wedding videos. I’ve used consumer level camcorders, (mostly Canon) and hated it. The tapes get eaten, the batteries die, the buttons break.

      I’ve been without a working camcorder for a couple months now.

      I’m looking to get a hard-drive camcorder. Problem is I want one that’s BIG, mostly because it’s embarassing to get paid to tape a wedding with a camera the size of a cell phone.

      with a $700 budget, any reccomendations?

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    You might try to find a used Panasonic AG-DVC7. It was Panasonic’s least expensive Pro-Line camcorder (it was discontinued a couple months ago). Because it’s a big shouder-mount design, the thing looks like a professional news camcorder. Before it was discontinued, the street price for a new unit was around $1100.

    Good luck, πŸ™‚
    Ken Hull

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    That is a good camera.

    $700 is hard even in the used market for what you want.
    Renting may be an option….

    If you have a small laptop you can record to its hard drive and you can "add" attachments to a smaller camera to make it look bigger…

    Good luck.

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