I have $15,000 Dollars to Spend on a Video Camera. Advice?

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      Camera: FS-700 – $8,000

      Rig: $1,382 http://store.redrockmicro.com/Catalog/Digital-Cine-Studio-Rigs/FS100FS700

      Lenses: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/cameras/ef_lens_lineup/ef_50mm_f_1_4_usm $400 http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/cameras/ef_lens_lineup/ef_50mm_f_2_5_compact_macro
      $300 http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/cameras/ef_lens_lineup/ef_s_18_135mm_f_3_5_5_6_is_stm

      Lighting : $365 http://www.cowboystudio.com/product_p/vl-9026s-2b-85wkit.htm
      $15 http://www.cowboystudio.com/product_p/triangular%20reflector.htm
      $32 http://www.cowboystudio.com/product_p/5-in-1%20circular.htm 43 INCH
      $314 on camera light. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/616394-REG/Litepanels_LP_MICROPRO_MicroPro_LED_On_Camera_Light.html

      Audio: $150 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/392860-REG/Rode_BOOMPOLE_Boompole_for_Rode_NTG_1.html
      $300 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/746075-REG/Rode_BLIMPB_Blimp_B_H_Signature.html
      $270 Rode NTG2
      $100 shock mount, dead cat

      Metabones adapter $400
      47 inch slider $150 http://www.amazon.com/Opteka-GLD-400-Camera-Slider-Stabilization/dp/B00519VUFE
      $340 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/853557-REG/Manfrotto_055XB_Tripod_Legs_Black.html

      Sorry if thats confusing. I really would like the FS700 just because of its slo motion capabilities, But seeing things like the black magic camera also make think that i could get three black magic cameras for the price of the fs700. Im not for sure. I just would like opinions PLEASE.

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      Alright, So I have $15k to spend on a video camera system. What I really want to do is get a system that will bring my videos and capabilities to the next level. I currently have a Panasonic HMC-40, a lovely shotgun mic, and a tripod. I was thinking about getting the following….

      That was supposed to go at the top of my post πŸ™‚ sorry

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      What types of productions do you currently do? What are you hoping to do? I’ve been doing video for 24 years and have never seen cameras change as quickly as they do now. No matter what you choose today, it will probably be old-hat 2 years from now. Will you recoup your initial investment?

      I will say this, the BM camera…while intriguing, has too many limitations to be used outside of a controlled studio environment.

      Give some more details and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of suggestions.

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      Productions that I currently do are creative shorts, but I have been making money doing wedding and filming other productions. i just want something that is future proof and the FS700 looks very promising, with it being 4K ready which we wont really need for another 5years but if a client asks for it I want to be able to supply that. I will be shooting in the studio as well as out, so I wanted to get something that had good dynamic range. I just want to know if I am using the 15k intelligently. Becasue I know I could buy a MarkII and get some lenses, but thats what everyone else has. And i know that they’ll come out with cameras that shoot faster frame rates for longer amounts of time, but this seems like it would suffice for me.

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      Man, I’m not to sure 4k is really going to be all that with so much moving to the internet. You don’t even need HD to meet smart phone or tablet res needs. I really think 2K and lower is going to hold its ground for a long time. I personally would be more concerned with 4:2:2 color and not just on HDMI output. The PMW 200 is something that I can’t get out of my mind at the moment and I am a huge FS 100-700 fanboy.

      Think about it. Recording higher res is what most of the world thinks about but it has its limits of usefulness, unless you are producing film for the box office. Internet is killing the box office and recording more color data can effectively have more impact for a lot of applications.

      Just food for thought.

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      No camera using silicon chips is future proof. That being said, it sounds like you’ve got your mind set on the FS700. I have the FS-100. Other than the ergonomics, I think it’s a great camera for most productions. It’s not ideal for run & gun, even with e-mount lenses. If you have the option to rent or borrow the FS100/700 for a few days, you’ll probably get a better sense of its possibilities before investing.

      If you don’t NEED to buy right now, I’m predicting that a bunch of new cameras will be marketed soon with 4K and high speed capabilities. Of course, there will always be something better on the horizon, so buy what you need for now (or rent if it’s for infrequent use).

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      Hi Weston – the FS700 is a fabulous camera for shorts and weddings. People are doing great work with it. If you want to move up to features at some point in the future, though, you might have some challenges with the FS700’s 8 bit color space and AVCHD codec. At some point, 4K will provide you with some improvement in image quality, but we don’t know for sure what the implementation will look like.

      In the meantime, the the Sony F3 is coming down in price, and wins most comparisons between the two cameras:http://www.dslrnewsshooter.com/2012/06/16/sony-fs700-canon-5dmkii-sony-f3-low-light-battle/

      And of course, there’s all the beautiful work that’s being shot with the F3:



      You can get the PL mount version for $13,160 with $800 rebate from Sony. I would use it with converted still to PL mount lenses. You can find a relatively inexpensive PL mount lens (converted Zeiss 120mm)here.

      Even if you don’t get the F3, you can save some money on the other items on your list. Instead of getting your lights from Cowboy Studio directly for $355 – you can get the exact same kit from Amazon for $220.

      And instead of that $340 Manfrotto leg/fluid head combo, I’d get a Ravelli AVT Professional fluid head tripod for $120and a Ravelli dolly for $33.

      I’d also spend a little less on that slider. You can save a few dollars by ordering the Kamerar 47″ instead of the Opteka. Same slider with a different brand name on it for a little less money.

      I am also a fan of the $230 Azden SGM-2X switchable omni/cardioid boom mic over the $270 Rode NTG-2.

      Hope this is helpful – and good luck with your decision – it’s a tough one.



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      I’m still shooting in SD, still be creative and still making money because most product ends up on DVD or the net. The image sensor size and ‘K’ rating seems to be some kind of Holy Grail, and not having the highest sensor performance means a product is no good. The Black Magic new offering will get people excited again – but I have to smile at the constant craving for gadget cameras – the ones that appear cheap, but then with special lenses, focus and audio gadgetry are huge complex beasts that are so difficult to use. When I do invest in HD, it will be a large shoulder mounted camera, with a zoom lens, proper mix sockets and a one box solution. It will also have deep depth of field for normal operation, and be able to have shallower DoF for the very, very, very rare occasions my shooting style calls for. Sitting here watching the BBC while typing – I’ve not seen a single out of focus background – and for me, this is my preference.

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      WSanford sez:

      ” Think about it. Recording higher res is what most of the world thinks about but it has its limits of usefulness, unless you are producing film for the box office. Internet is killing the box office and recording more color data can effectively have more impact for a lot of applications. “

      This statement is oh-so-true in the audio business. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent on super-fidelity recording equipment, only for the soundto be ulitmately” enjoyed ” on an MP3 player! The recording engineers and producers howl in protest that their gorgeous creations are being dumbed down by the masses who can’t possibly appreciate the care lavished on the master! But the consumer decides what’s ” good enough ” for their purposes. In videoland as in audio, it seems to ultimately be portability, not necessarily the giant, crystal clear screens in the darkened living room or home theater.

      Okay, there’s always the argument that the higher the quality of the original, the better the quality of the distribution medium. Isn’t there a point of diminishing returns where cost of hardware becomes a pissing contest between those who can somehow “afford ” the best and those who can not? I went through this over 40 years ago when I was getting into the music recording business. The school of hard knocks taught me ( dearly )where I should eventually invest my limited and hard-earned money on gear.

      I’m astonished at the number of people who think they can plunk down enough money to buy a decent automobile, buy a camera, and make ” Gone With The Wind ” with little or no experience . . . . . and then show up on this forum, asking the most basic of questions, trying to figure it all out.

      Rick Crampton

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      I’m with ya gldnears. I film in 1080p but for the last couple years I have downed 99.9% of internet video to 720p and of course all DVD to SD. Blu-ray isn’t catching on like most thought it would. With the increase in video viewed on tablets and smart phones, it again lowers the need for resolution just as your example of the MP3 player.

      The need for 2k in homes doesn’t exist, 4k, what is it really good for other than the big screen? The biggest increase I ever got in work was from learning to color correct and color grade footage. After having worked with 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 footage, that will be my next camera purchase, to be able to capture 4:2:2 on the fly. A high bit rate doesn’t hurt either.

      So, I’m not following the bigger is better crowd. 4:2:2 external is nice if your always in a studio 4:2:2 internal however, is my next move.

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      I second the recommendation for the<span>FS700. I’ll search my hard drive for some of my works to show you. Hold on.</span>

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      Wow! I wasnt expecting this many replies!

      I talked to a friend who has had many cameras including a RED epic and a few scarlets that are in his possession right now, and hes telling me that I should maybe try to find a used scarlet somewhere. Even though that would use 12-14K of my budget :/ but im not for sure im settled on that. The Scarlet can be upgraded though… Which is quite nice.

      I guess 4k is also good for being able to crop and stabilize things so that the image you are seeing is still in 1080p or higher which is always nice. That would be about the biggest plus.

      I guess I could wait a bit longer, but honestly i really want to get out and start shooting higher quality stuff now. The only downside with the camera i have now is that it has a fixed lens with the aperture at 3.5 which means very little DoF. It also has very little dynamic range. But it is good for the gigs that I am getting right now.

      Thanks for everyone’s expertise!

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