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I found this weird device under my bed…. what is it?

Home Forums Technique Sound I found this weird device under my bed…. what is it?

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    Hi everyone – I’m new here. I am posting in hopes that someone might know what this device is (see pics). Before I stumbled onto this site, I tried looking all over the internet to figure the answer my question, but alas – I’ve yet to find it! So I am hoping that some of you experts might be able to help me.

    I found this device underneath by bed (I moved today…) I’m more 101% sure this was NOT there before, not when I moved in, not when even a month ago! (I’m a neat freak, I clean under my bed lol).

    Anyway – can anyone IDENTIDY what this is?? From what I can tell, it is a short-range audio listening device – it even had a transmitter attached, and 3 small batteries……

    Here are the pics. (Gosh, I hope someone can ID this thing and tell me for sure what it is…. I am completely certain I’ve never seen it or used anything in conunction with it in in life!!! – ps. sorry 3rd pic is blurry… hope it still helps though.)

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    Ah by the way – in the upper right corner, I put a ring that I wear, so that you can judge the size accordingly.

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    It’s a bug.

    Your spouses lover planted under your bed to find out if she’s cheating on him with you.

    seriously, that looks like a peizoelectric speaker.

    a small voice/soundbox from a toy. (electronic woopi-cusion, laughing santa clause, beat-Elmo-with-a-stick-and-see-who’s-laughing-now doll etc.).

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    No, a peizo speaker is smaller than that. I think it may well be some kind of listening device, particularly if there are no manufacturing markings (brand, manufacturer, model number, etc.) on the plastic housing. Know of anyone with a broadband RF signal strength meter or a spectrum analyzer?

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    you’re right it’s not a peizoelectric speaker, but I do think it is a speaker none the less.

    the absense of a larger transister and an antanae says voicebox.

    three batteries says 4.5 volts, most transisters run off 9 volts, so there’d have to be a couple diodes and a capacitor or two as well as the transister to up the power and transmit anything.

    Any electronic gurus out there? maybe somebody who knows more than me will chime in…

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    at a glance, it appears to be a voicebox or speaker from some sort of toy as others have indicated.

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    Thanks for your answers! I started thinking about what could possibly have a speaker in it….

    There*IS* this one doll my mom sent to my daughter a while back which my daughter may have taken apart and the speaker fell out?….

    Once I am done unpacking, that doll’s casingis the first place I’m going to look!

    PHEW! Thanks everyone!

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    That’s pretty funny. I had the same thought too- about it being a speaker. I’d be curious to get the update as to whether your doll lost hervoice box.

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