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      Hey guys,

      this is pretty sad. Asking this question leves me feeling like I’ve never touched a NLE before.

      Anyway, here’s the background scoop. Every now and again, I publish videos on the Internet. I usually publish them through Vegas 6, since I owned Vegas before I got PP2.0, and am used to the inerface.

      Anyway, today I decided it’s time to encode anothr video for the internet, but this time I wanted to use PP2.0. After all, I spent a lot more on this software than I did on Vegas.

      So I go to save it as a movie file, so I can export the video as an .avi for the internet. PP2 found my XviD codec, no problem. I set the output to 320×240, piece of cake. But then, in the audio tab, I did’t see the option to export the audio in an .mp3 format. Now in Vegas, I can render a video as an XviD .avi at 320×240 with mp3 audio encoding in a snap, but in my much more expensive software, I don’t see an mp3 encoder anyplace?

      Has anyone dealt with this before? If there’s not a built-in mp3 codec (and I was sure there was) how can I add one (like LAME) to the PP2 codec library?

      All these years of releasing broadcast quality videos, and I’m stumped by a grainy, crappy quality web video. Truly, I come before you a broken man. πŸ™‚

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      Although Flash seems to be the growing "Standard" to be, not everyone has moved to it.

      Also, if you are reaching a large scale audience, you will need the server side application; Flash Server, which costs somewhere in the neighborhood of just less than $5K!.

      So, not EVERYONE is going that way yet. πŸ˜‰

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