I don’t know what prices I should be asking for the jobs

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      I’m doing a big job for the school district where I live and I don’t know what to charge that for all of my work. I did a lot of shooting thru the yrs. and I still have to put it together and edit it all together and get to find out if they like it and want ? copies and they were talking into the hundreds. Can any one help me and I also have another job to do but I don’t know what to charge and all the right questions for this work. I’ve never done anything like it before. Maria

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      Maria maybe this will help. Total the cost of your equipment,(including computer, software, camera). Also add whatever other equipment you use and get a total. Then divide your total equipment cost by 12months or 12. Here is an example:

      Equipment Cost $5000 divided by 12 = $416. So it cost you $416 dollars each month to use your equipment. So in order for you to make a profit your base needs to be no less than $416.

      Now after this you need to calculate the hours it take to complete your project and add that to your base! Such as $15-$20 dollars an hour. And add it to your base. You can deduct some cost at your discrection. But make sure you are able to make some type of profit. “DON’T SHORT YOURSELF ON YOUR HARD WORK”. It’s not worth it!!

      I hope this helps you out and I wish you much success!

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      Hi Hank, How I got this job from school: My daughter is in the school band and they needed someone to shoot the concerts so that the kids could see them selfs the next day, I just happened to be in the right time in the right place because I just got this new video camera and I couldn’t wait to use it. So I said that I would love to shoot the band at there concerts. Well, it started the snow ball and before you know it the coach on my daughters field hockey team wanted me to shoot the games so that the girls could watch the games the next day and now i do all the games every year. Then the teacher who does the school plays wanted to know if I could shoot the school plays for her and I said yes, now I do all the school plays every year and they do three plays in one school year. And before you know it I got ask to do a video for the soldiers to show that how much we appreciate what they are doing for all of us. I also work for the fire department when they need me to tape there fire drills. But I don’t get paid for my work with them. I now have people walking up to me and asking me to shoot for them. I’m only one person doing it all and I really could use some help because I really don’t know how much to charge them. Oh I also shoot video for my friends now that there children are getting married and again I don’t know how much money to ask them. I really wanted to work for someone before I went out on my own. Should I try to find someone in the business who will hire me and teach me how to run my own business? Thanks for your help Hank, Maria

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      Ok, I guess then I should go and get my business in legal order and then get insurance so that I don’t have to worry about getting sued by whoever I do a job for, because I have someone waiting for me to call them about another job. I’m a little scare to make that call because its something I have never done before. It’s with a company that does fire sprinkler’s and they want me to do a shoot for them so that they could put it on the website. And I still have this other job that I’m still in the middle of that should bring me a lot of money because after they see my video they are going to order into the hundreds, but like I said I just don’t know how to charge people for what they are asking me. The idea’s I’m getting from you and the other guy is a good start for me but I really wish I started out working for someone else first so that I could have learned the business better. Thank g’d for videomaker magazine. Someone told me I should go out and buy a better camera for my work but I just buy a camera and I’m still paying it off a long with all the other equipment I have bought in the last two years, so I’m not ready to go and buy another camera just yet. Now what do I do? Hank- Maria

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      Maria, I have your answer – at least your first step.

      go to kre8insights.com and sign up for th free month. I'm not connected with them. They have a weekly call where u can ask questions. If u think its good then u can continue. 


      Its worth it for somebody in your situation and you'll get on the right track fast. 


      Good luck

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      Hi Aviv, Yes I'm still trying to figure out how much to charge people for my work.  I started out with $ 500.00 and up depending on what they need me  to shoot for them if I have help with me I ask  for more money so I can pay the other person who is working for me.  But I'm stil wondering if I'm asking for to much or not enough. I will check out the website and thanks again for your help, Maria

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