I cant get pinnacle to upload my movies from canon

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      I have a canon HD Vixia HF10 and just bought Pinnacle studio plus edition 12. The problem is I cant get my recordings to show up when I click the capture button. I get an error message that says

      Studio is unable to connect to your video device.

      If you have a DV make sure its on VTR, VCR or play mode and is connected to Firewire or 1394 port on your computer.

      Right now I am connected to the computer from the mini USB to USB on the computer and I am in the play mode on the Canon. Thats the way it worked when I was using the software that came with the Canon with no problems except the software was pretty awful.

      Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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      Please make sure your camera is off, connect it to the firewire then on it the box will appres asking you which

      program you want to capture with, this depends on the editing programs that are in your PC. cancell it, launch your pinnacle then capture.

      Hope this one will help.

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      I dont have it connected to fire-wire. I have it connected to USB. How am I going to get it connected to firewire? Mini USB to firwiere, HDMI to firewire that is the only way I can connect from my camera to the computer. Thats the problem, why is this software saying I must connect to firewire when the Cannon software was perfectly happy connectiing to USB.

      By the way I have removed all the Cannon other movie editing software.

      thanks for help, so you think just by connectiing to fire wire that will solve everything?

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      Firewire was designed for streaming digital video to a computer without any need forconversion. DV camcorder video is imported via FireWire while being played from a tape. USB does not havethebandwidth capabilityof Firewireto stream video from a camcorder.

      If yours is a hard disk or flash memorycamcorder, connect it to USB and import it from the camera’s disk drive. If it’s a DV camera, Firewire is the type ofconnection to use.

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      yes, my camcorder does have a hard drive and flash memory. I have tried to connect with my USB and it keeps telling me I need to connect to FireWire. What do I need to do to the software to allow it to recieve the movie? I am ready to throw this software in the garbage. Like I said before, I was able to download the movies from my USB cable and save them to the computer before I purchased Pinnacle. There must be something I havent done to the software to allow it recieve the movies from my camcorder. Help!!!!!

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      Importing from USB, video is not “captured”, but instead imported as if the camera were a USB storage device. It’s similar to importing video from your computer’s internal hardrive.Check Pinnacle’s help file and search for the term “Import”. When importing, browse to the camcorder’s disk drive (e.g. drive E)and then find the subfolder that contains the video.

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      Thank you XTR-91, I will try that.

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      I have the same camera and software…

      The way I got it to work was to install the software that came with the camera, this allowed me to import the video from the camera to my hard drive.

      Then Studio 12 will retrieve the video from your hard drive.

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      Your first (simplest) option has already been mentioned: use the Canon software to import and the Pinnacle software to edit.

      Second option is to add FireWire capability. I’ve assumed that you have a PC since you don’t seem to have FireWire built in. You don’t mention if you are using a laptop or desktop. If you have a laptop you’ll want to purchase an adapter that plugs into the expansion port. Check to see if your laptop take a 34 connector or 54 connector card. For a desktop you’ll need to puchase a FireWire card and open the box to install it.

      Pinnacle Studio 12 does recognize Canon and Sony camcorders via FireWire, BTDT. But some of the other things about version 12 are better in their advertising than in delivery.For example the title screens look like there were generated on a 1988 model Apple computer. I’ve used Studio software since version 8 and there has been very little improvement in the appearance of the text used for titles.

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