I can’t capture HDV

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      Dear folks;

      I can capture DV successfully with no problem but I can’t capture HDV.

      I tried different HDV pre-sets for project settings, I can playback the HDV on the capture window. But when I press capture button on device control, it just says capturing and captures NO audio and video.

      I have Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop and Sony HDR Fx-7 cam as hardware.
      Adobe Premiere Pro 2 as software.

      I will appreciate your help.

      Thanks in advance!

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      What’s your processor speed?

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      I lost the HDV presets when I installed Pemiere Pro CS 3. Could it be hardware problem? But I was able to playback HD on capture window of Premiere Pro 2.

      Duo CPU . speed: 2 GHz

      Main Memory: 1 GB RAM

      My Graphics Card details:

      Name: Mobile Intel (R) GM Express Chipset Family

      Memory: 224 M

      Current Display Mode: 1280X800 32 bit 60 Hz.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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